Roadmap from a sports management student to a professional

Roadmap from a sports management student to a professional, EASM

Roadmap from a sports management student to a professional

Have you ever wondered what to think about at the beginning of your sport management career at the university? We have during one hour gathered practical examples of what to think about from students that have gone through years of sport management studies. We share some tips of what to keep in mind and what you could expect post university.

This post cover our first session from the Employability event that was held at one of the EASM event during the EASM Sport Management Festival 2021. We hosted two webinars around employability in sport management in 2021 that are still up to date regarding the tips being shared.

The first one focuses on examples from current students and recent graduates from the sport management field. And the second one contains several experts from the sport management field who shared their best tips to become employable in a specific area.

But going back to this post, we are focusing on the student perspective.

Represented in this session were:

  • Emma Baker, Student Representative at EASM
  • Chris Overduin, Student Representative at EASM
  • Jakob Wikenstaal, Board Member at EASM
  • Nicki Rusch, Ohio University
  • Karma Armani, Ohio University

In this session one after one shares a brief story about themselves and their careers. Everyone shares three tips for employability in sports).

Once again, we are really thrilled to share this. If you have any questions, let us know.

Employability in sport management

The idea of employability advice and training has been raised by many of our members, especially you that are sport management students, and we have now been developing a model to put this idea into practice. We will be using this space, a student employability blog to publish posts about employability in Sport Management and helping you to progress in your career.

Learn more about our purpose with these posts here.

Get professional insights from the sport management field

What happens when you bring 5 people together with various experiences from the sports industry? Well we got a great diverse group of expertise in order to share the best tips and tricks for students in the sport management field. We share a video from the employability event that was held during the EASM festival 2021 to showcase sport management insights. Learn more here.