EASM Best Conference Reviewer Award

The EASM Best Conference Reviewer Award recognises outstanding dedication in providing knowledgeable reviews in a collegial spirit to promote both the development of colleagues’ work, and overall scientific quality of the conference.


Further information on conference awards for the 28th European Sport Management Conference can be found here: https://easm2020.com/call-for-papers/awards/


Award Winners 2019


Pictured: Pamela Wicker, University of Bielefeld, receiving the award from the Scientific Chair Tim Breitbarth

Award winners not pictured: Ari Kim (Towson University), Markus Kurscheidt (University of Bayreuth), Dimitra Papadimitriou (University of Patras), Per Svensson (Louisiana State University)


Award Winners 2018


Award winners Chris Horbel from the University of Southern Denmark (left) and Tracy Taylor from the University of Technology Sydney (right) received their award from Claas Christian Germelmann.
Award winners not pictured: Do Young Pyun (Loughborough University) and Nicholas Theodorakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)


Award Winners 2017


Daniel Lock (Bournemouth University), Alison Doherty (Western University), Thilo Kunkel (Temple University), Maximilian Stieler (University of Bayreuth), Anne Bourke (University College Dublin, not in the picture)