Conference History

In 1993 the first edition of the European Sport Management Conference took place in Groningen, The Netherlands. Back then academics and professionals came together to discuss and share current topics and to present lates research findings in the field of Sport Management.


Apart from an excellent academic program, the conference also developed activities for students in order to strenghten the abilities and competences of future sport management scholars. A student seminar for Bachelor and Master students and a PhD student seminar are now an integral part of each annual conference.


EASM’s conference history


2024 will be announced soon
2023 Belfast (Northern Ireland)
2022 Innsbruck (Austria), 5-8 September 2022, Bridging Sport, Tourism and Leisure Management
2021 EASM Festival of Sport Management Research & Practice
2020 The EASM European Sport Management Virtual Conference
2019 Seville (Spain), 3-6 September 2019, Connecting Sport Practice & Science
2018 Malmö (Sweden), 5-8 September 2018, Managing Sport in a Changing Europe
2017 Bern (Switzerland), 5-8 Seotember 2017, Challenges and Developments of Sport Organisations
2016 Warsaw (Poland), 7-10 September 2016, Memories and Identities in Sport Management in Europe
2015 Dublin (Ireland)
2014 Coventry (United Kingdom)
2013 Istanbul (Turkey)
2012 Aalborg (Denmark)
2011 Madrid (Spain)
2010 Prague (Czech Republic)
2009 Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
2008 Heidelberg/Bayreuth (Germany)
2007 Turin (Italy)
2006 Nicosia (Cyprus)
2005 Newcastle/Gateshead (United Kingdom)
2004 Gent (Belgium)
2003 Stockholm (Sweden)
2002 Jyvaskyla (Finland)
2001 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
2000 San Marino (Republic of San Marino)
1999 Thessaloniki (Greece)
1998 Madeira (Portugal)
1997 Glasgow (United Kingdom)
1996 Montpellier (France)
1995 Budapest (Hungary)
1994 Florence (Italy)
1993 Groningen (The Netherlands)