25 Years Of Sport Management Research In Hungary A Critical Review0.1 MiB609
A Comparison Of Gender In Rugby National Governing Bodies Using Intra Design Archetypes0.2 MiB396
A Critical Review Of Coca Colas Olympic Games Sponsorship And Corporate Social Responsibility0.2 MiB881
A Four Phase Planning Of A Trip To An Outdoor Activity Destination0.1 MiB370
A Framework For Interdisciplinary Research For Managing Community Sport0.1 MiB377
A Large Scale Volcanic Eruption And Mountaineering Association0.2 MiB168
A Multidisciplinary View Of Professional Sport Consumption0.1 MiB509
A Quest For The Scientific Identity Of Sport Management70 KiB303
A Safe And Respectful Environment Within Voluntary Sport Clubs The Use Of SWPBS0.2 MiB178
A Service Quality Model In Spectator Sports Reflective Or Formative Structure0.2 MiB624
A Study Of The Effect Of Social Capital On Recreational Sport Constraints The Negotiation Process Of Amateur Cycling Facebook Users0.2 MiB398
Adapting To Life In A Different World – Foreign Student Athletes´acculturation To College In The United States0.2 MiB378
Additional Social Media Reach From International Player Transfers0.1 MiB360
Aligning Youth Sport Contexts In The Netherlands0.1 MiB353
Alignment Of Sport Governance To Fight Against Corruption And Cheating0.2 MiB430
An Empirical Study On The Relationship Between Sport Team Identification And Repurchase Intention The Moderating Effect On Sport Fan Curiosity0.1 MiB202
Analysis On Industrial Organization And Policy Trend Of Chinese Golf Industry0.2 MiB467
Are Female Wrestlers The New Superstars Of World Wrestling Entertainment0.1 MiB468
Brand Analysis In Sports Using Repertory Grid Technique Grasshopper Club Zurich As A Case Study0.2 MiB411
Business Intelligence In Professional Finnish Sports Clubs And Federations0.1 MiB464
Career Decision Making Process Of Japanese Paralympians Factors Influencing Female Paralympians To Be Coaches0.1 MiB389
Causes And Consequences Of Professionalization In Swiss National Sport Federations0.1 MiB449
CEO Board Power Dynamics – A Question Of Mission70 KiB175
Co Creation And Co Destruction In The Media Network Understanding The Value Architecture Of The Actors72 KiB377
Coach Migration In German High Performance Sport0.2 MiB365
Coaches’ Education And Employment In Italy0.1 MiB364
Comparing Kano Model And The Penalty Reward Contrast Analysis Of Sport Spectators Experiences0.2 MiB646
Competitive Orientation In Cycling Tourism Motives And Travel Behaviour0.2 MiB170
Conceptualising A New Structural Approach To League Organisation League Systems In Individual Sports In Germany0.1 MiB530
Cooperation Governance The Future End Result Of Sports Public Sector Governance Based On The Perspective Of Public Management0.1 MiB147
Corporate Community Involvement Influence Tactics Reciprocity And Organisational Traded Currencies0.2 MiB356
Corporate Social Responsibility In Sport A Critical Review Of CSR Development And Sensemaking0.2 MiB471
Corporate Social Responsibility In Sport Stepping Back To Move Forward0.2 MiB443
Coworker Knowledge Sharing Among Elite Footballers Perceptions From The German Bundesliga0.1 MiB525
Crowdinvesting And Crowdlending As Fan-based Financing Alternatives In Professional German Football0.1 MiB532
Customer Engagement Platforms Towards A Better Understanding Through Customer Roles In Sport Events0.2 MiB210
Determining Value A Comparative Case Study Of Arena Development In Small Canadian Cities0.1 MiB328
Development Of A Scale To Measure Differences In Gamer Experiences In Sport Video Games0.1 MiB415
Direct Economic Impact Of JYP Ice Hockey Team To The City Of Jyväskylä And The Surrounding Region0.1 MiB414
Discourses On Modernisation Agendas In The Womens Sport Policy In Oman0.2 MiB405
Distributional Logics Of Swedish Sports Organizations To Elite Athletes0.1 MiB138
Does Sport Event Involvement Influence Brand Recognition Of Official Sponsors And Ambush Marketers0.2 MiB424
Down Under Is The Top Of The Rugby World0.1 MiB371
Effect Of Event Service Quality And Satisfaction On The Quality Of Life And Behavioral IIntentions Of Recreational Runners A Comparison Of Running Events In Taiwan The USA And Greece0.1 MiB556
Effect Of Type On Tevevision Commentary On Sport Spectators Enjoyment Moderating Effect Analysis0.1 MiB185
Effective Promotion Through Official Facebook Pages A Case Of Major League Baseball Teams0.2 MiB373
Effects Of Reward Management System On Elite Athletes Success0.1 MiB183
Effects Of The Crisis On Spanish Sports Support From The Spanish Government0.2 MiB459
Elite Ice Hockey A Pleasure Only In Major Cities A Comparison Of Swedish And Finnish Elite Ice Hockey Clubs Geographical Location 2015 20160.2 MiB170
Employee Pride And Identification With Sport Key Drivers Of Positive Organisational Behaviour In Professional Sports0.1 MiB408
Employer Branding Through Sport Sponsoring How A Hidden Champion Managed To Stay Ahead Of The Game0.2 MiB559
Empowering Women Through Sport Participation Across The Lifespan0.1 MiB351
English League Clubs Outside The Top Flight Architects Of Their Own Brand Range0.1 MiB343
Epistemic Communities And Knowledge-based Professional Networks In Sport Policy And Governance A Case Study Of The Canadian Sport For Life Leadership Team0.2 MiB514
Evaluating The Network Leadership In Elite Sport0.1 MiB351
Event Concept Innovations0.2 MiB433
Event Gypsies Who What And How0.1 MiB489
Exhibition Games And The Demand For Overseas Soccer Telecasts In The US Results From A Quasi Natural Experiment0.2 MiB363
Expanding The Economic Impact Of The Olympic Games In Non Host Countries The Project Of Olypmic Parks0.1 MiB443
Exploring Integrated Marketing Communication Gaps In The Not For Profit Sport System0.2 MiB502
Facilitators And Barriers For Successul Partnerships Between Youth Care And Community Sports Clubs0.1 MiB371
Factors Predicting Local Residents Support For Bidding For Mega Sporting Events0.1 MiB381
Fair Trade Social Entrepreneurship And Sport A Case Study Of Jinta Sport0.2 MiB386
Fitness Clubs In The Czech Republic And Their Strategies0.1 MiB395
Forms And Consequences Of Professionalization In International Sport Federations Between Rationalization And Political Reality0.2 MiB358
From Acceptance To Defiance The Municipality Of Ängelholm And Elite Football’s Stadium Requirements0.1 MiB332
From Welfare State To Participation Society Dutch Local Sport Policy In Times Of Austerity And Neoliberalist Politics0.1 MiB353
Gymnaestrada How To Do It Better0.1 MiB415
Heritage Sporting Events Theoretical Development And Configurations In Switzerland0.2 MiB618
High Performance Sport And The Place Of Gender In The Coach Athlete Relationship0.1 MiB155
Home Advantage And Referees Evidence From The European Rugby Cup ERC0.1 MiB386
How Universities Can Leverage A Major Sport Event A Strategic Model0.1 MiB398
Image Effects Through Junior Sports The UEFA U19 Case0.2 MiB611
Impact Of Corporate Wellness Projects On Internal Marketing0.1 MiB420
Implementation Of Sport Englands Clubmark Into Voluntary Sport Clubs Comparison0.1 MiB389
Implications Of Austerity Measures On National Sport Federations Evidence From Greece0.2 MiB469
Interlocking Directorates In Finnish Sport Organizations And Sport Policy Working Groups0.1 MiB358
International Work Placements And Career Development Sport Management Students Experiences And Identity Changes0.2 MiB135
Investigating The Multiple Impacts That Football Club Facebook Brand Pages Have On Community And Sport Team Loyalty0.2 MiB379
Is Doping In International Cycling Really A Problem From A Business Perspective Making Sense Of Professional Road Cycling Sponsorships0.1 MiB412
Judo And Entrepreneurhip A Challenging Combination0.1 MiB393
Legacy Perceptions Among Qatari Nationals What Legacies Will The 2022 World Cup Bring0.2 MiB486
Leveraging Sport Brands For ProSocial Behaviors0.1 MiB371
Limited Terms And Good Governance0.2 MiB378
Management Of High Performance Sport0.1 MiB432
Management Strategies Of Non Profit Community Sport Facilities In An Era Of Austerity0.1 MiB509
Managing Sport For Good Clubs For Disadvantaged Young People In Super Diverse Urban Settings A Mixed Methods Study0.2 MiB343
Managing Strategic Performance In Sport Organisations The Case Of High Performance Sport New Zealand0.2 MiB649
Managing “social Shaming” To Enhance Professional Sports Clubs’ Reputation Toward Disabled Supporters0.2 MiB376
Marathon Runners And Their Environmental Attitudes Are They A Good Market For Environmental CSR Interventions0.2 MiB383
Marketing Communication Practices That Foster Integration In Football Clubs0.2 MiB679
Measuring Volunteering Issues Of Reliability And Validity0.1 MiB415
Migration And National Team Competitions – BIG-5 As Profiteers0.2 MiB385
Motivation And Competitive Orientation Of Corporate League Participants The Case Of Corporate Basketball League In Turkey0.1 MiB387
Motivations & Objectives Of Football Sponsors Selecting Sponsorship Arrangements0.2 MiB442
Naming Rights Of Sport Facilities In Lithuania The Owners And Customers Perspective0.1 MiB151
Olympic Data Feed The Key Of Message Delivery In The Olympic Games0.1 MiB247
On Education And Compensation Of Sports Managers Revealing The Backbone Of The German Sports Branch0.1 MiB418
Participation In Sports Lithuanian Consumption Patterns0.1 MiB389
Participatory Sport Events Opportunities And Challenges For Sport Governing Bodies0.1 MiB365
Partnering For Corporate Social Responsibilty In The Context Of Mega Sport Event Sponsorship0.2 MiB183
Performance Management In National Sports Organisations A Holistic Theoretical Model0.1 MiB622
Physical Acivity At Workplace Narrative Review And Research Agend0.2 MiB357
Physical Activity Or Inactivity Of Male Canadian Ice Hockey Fans A Sport Participation Initiative0.2 MiB399
Planning For Sport In An Changing Urban And Sport Context0.1 MiB327
Product Meanings As Drivers Of Sport Consumer Behavior Evidence From The Greek Sport Industry0.2 MiB400
Professional Carreers In The Sports Management Labor Market Empirical Results From The German Bundesliga0.2 MiB326
Profiting From Price Partitioning In Professional Sport0.1 MiB406
Purchase Behavior And Attitudes Towards The Sponsors Product Of The Rival Team0.1 MiB562
Reactance To Modern Football Survey Findings On Committed Fans In Germany0.2 MiB263
Reasons For Sport Sponsorship Breakdowns0.1 MiB520
Regulation Of Controlling Influence In German Professional Football – An Empirical Analysis Of The Interests Of Investors0.1 MiB183
Relighting The Flame – Can You Achieve Olympic Success When Funding Is Withdrawn0.2 MiB364
Revisiting And Theorizing Customer Engagement In Sport0.2 MiB262
Risk Management During Sport Activities Analysis Of The Recent Legal Case In Japan Regarding Foul Ball Damages On A Spectator In A Ballpark0.2 MiB449
Role And Relevance Of Cause Related Marketing For Professional Sport Organizations0.1 MiB408
Satisfaction A Distributionfree Software Application For Studying Customer Satisfaction In Sport0.2 MiB360
Scale Development Of Attitudes Towards Mixed Martial Arts0.2 MiB399
SESI A Brazilian Sports And Leisure Solutions0.2 MiB436
Social Entrepreneurship And Elite Football Clubs An Oxymoron0.2 MiB398
Social Entrepreneurship And Its New Challenges For Sport0.2 MiB394
Social Media For Sport Club A Strategic Perspective0.1 MiB374
Sponsorship And CSR In Hungarian Handball0.1 MiB370
Sport As A Platform For Value Co Creation0.1 MiB491
Sport Business Intelligence And Customer Relationship Management71 KiB286
Sport Events As Political Capital Definitions Evaluation Of Effectiveness And Who Benefits0.1 MiB407
Sport Fandom In Qatar A Cross Cultural Analysis Of Team Identification Fan Behaviors And Socialization Processes0.2 MiB457
Sport Offer Versus Sport Demand In The Case Of Paris Region0.1 MiB163
Sport Participation From Sport Events Why It Doesnt Happen0.1 MiB477
Sport Social Enterprises Vs Corporate Social Responsibility In Sport0.1 MiB455
Sport To Inspire Inspire To Sport An Analysis Of The Role Modeling Function Of Sporting Champions0.2 MiB430
Sports Facilities As Urban Amenities Media Discourse And North American Arena Development Projects0.2 MiB379
Structures And Professionalization Of Public Relations In National Sports Governing Bodies A Comparison Between Austria And Germany0.2 MiB449
Student Athlete Careers In Japan Which Sports Help Student Athletes Get Better Jobs0.2 MiB456
Team Identification Research Searching For An Identity0.1 MiB557
The Battle Against Corruption In International Sport Limits Of A Regulatory System In The Context Of Switzerland0.1 MiB336
The Challenges Of Managing Volunteers In The Emerging MENA Middle East And North Africa Sports Events Industry0.1 MiB160
The Combination Of Commercial And Social Entrepreneurship In A Sports Entrepreneurial Ecosystem0.1 MiB541
The Development Of A Value-based Performance Measurement System For Sport Leagues – The Case Of A German Junior Sport League0.2 MiB362
The Effectiveness Of Ethical Codes In Football Organizations A Longitudinal Analysis0.1 MiB454
The Effectiveness Of The Polish Sport Federations In The Athletes’ Opinion0.2 MiB350
The Future Of Sustainable Tourism Development For The Greek Enterprises That Provide Sport Tourism0.2 MiB766
The Image Impact Of Second Order Mega-events A Case Study Of The 2014 Commonwealth Games0.2 MiB371
The Impact Of Competing At The Youth Olympic Games On Future Involvement In High Performance Sport0.1 MiB363
The Implications Of Professionalisation For Sport Administration A Case Study Of The Act Brumbies Super Rugby Club0.1 MiB409
The Importance Of Sponsorship Fit In Firm Sport Organization Relatioships0.1 MiB857
The Involvement Of Local Youth And The Role Of Local Stakeholders In The Youth Olympic Games 20160.1 MiB371
The Legacy Of Le Grand Départ Tour De France Utrecht 2015 Involving The City In The Creation Of Legacy0.2 MiB449
The Lillehammer 2016 Legacy Mapping Project Building The Legacy Narrative0.2 MiB197
The Logics Of Sport And Sport Management As Meta Logic0.1 MiB391
The Management And Organization Of Sports Facilities In Danish Municipalities Preliminary Results From A National Research Project0.2 MiB609
The Mediating Effect Of Emotional Attachment On Title Sponsored Events0.2 MiB391
The Personal Value Structures Of Sport Spectators0.1 MiB346
The Relationship Between Customer Oriented Strategy And Organizational Performance In Professional Sports0.1 MiB436
The Relationship Between Government Quality And Individual Health Production Through Sport And Physical Activity0.1 MiB338
The Role Of Major Stakeholders In Institutionalizing Environment Into The Olympic Games0.1 MiB411
The Strenght Of Local Identity In A First Division Football Team The ACF Fiorentina0.1 MiB420
The Value Of Elite Sporting Success An International Comparison Project Among Six Nations0.2 MiB436
Trail Races In Catalonia First Approach To Management Forms And Organization Characteristics0.1 MiB367
Travel Behavior And Fan Identification In The Context Of Mega Events An Example Of Fan Communities Of National Team Sports In Germany0.2 MiB362
Types Of Professionalization In National Sport Federations0.1 MiB460
Ultra Endurance Sport Event Participation Implications From A Cycling Event0.2 MiB589
Understanding The Promotion Of Personal Development For At Risk Youth In Community Sport Initiatives0.1 MiB349
Unpacking Comparative Sport Policy Exploring The Challenges Of Applying Comparative Models To Examine Paralympic Sport0.2 MiB497
Urban Planning Towards An Activity Friendly Neighborhood0.2 MiB358
Value Formation In Complex Sport Service Ecosystems Moving From Dyads To Triads0.2 MiB466
Values At Sports Events Networking A Thought For Operators Sponsors And The General Public0.2 MiB373
Values In Sport Organizations What Values Define The Norwegian Sports Movement0.2 MiB352
You Belonged To Something The Social Leverage Of Sport Events Within Fundraising Teams0.1 MiB345