Student Seminar



The Student Seminar is an international four-day meeting and is a strong part of the EASM event calendar each year. It is hosted and organized by the local organizing committee of the EASM conference and typically takes place just prior to the conference.


  • students from all over Europe 
  • mix of academic and social events, excursions and keynote presentations
  • high quality of sessions and expert lecturers in the field
  • Sport Management Game
  • unique learning and networking opportunities
  • take part in the seminar and the conference
  • develop professional contacts
  • lots of fun!


Voices of the Students


“The Student Seminar was a joyful time in many ways. I got friends and a network within the field I like and I got great opportunities to explore how diverse the Sport Management field is from people around the world. (…) You can get insights and a network for life that is hard to get in only a few days.” – Jakob Wikenstal


“What I value about EASM is that you get to know new people from all over the world with the same interests. I believe it is a real good thing to get to meet new people and enlargen your personal network across the existing geographical boundaries. For students, the seminar is great to achieve this.” – Duncan Biesheuvel

“I thought that during the workshops of the EASM conference students were pretty well integrated. I was able to participate freely and could ask all of my questions.” – Emma Kayser





Student Seminar 2018: Managing Sport in a changing Europe


In 2018 the student seminar is held September 1-5, prior to the European Sport Management Conference (September 5-8). Both the seminar and the conference are included in the fee (see below). The Student Seminar is primarily aimed to enhance managerial skills in practice while cooperating in the international environment.

  • focus on questions regarding multi-culturalism, migration, integration, racism and inclusion/exclusion in relation to sport management and development
  • using international policies for sport as a mechanism to challenge racism and exclusion, through facilitating integration and inclusion
  • develop applied strategies to translate these policies into concrete actions in sport organizations/clubs at a local level

For registration requests please contact Kelly Knez ( directly.

More information on the upcoming seminar and the application form can be found on the official conference website.