Alberto Madella Scholarship

About the Award

The Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund was created in recognition of the contribution to EASM and the field of sport management by our colleague Alberto Madella. The award is designed to support colleagues to participate in EASM conferences and help promote the work of the Association. The Scholarship Committee will make decisions based on participants’ needs and plans for contributing to the conference. The award is highly competitive and only well-developed proposals will be considered.
The Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund allows individuals to apply for 500 Euros to help them attend the EASM Conference and/or EASM Student Seminar or EASM PhD Student Seminar.

Alberto Madella

Alberto Madella (1956 – 2008) was appointed an EASM Honorary Member in recognition of the commitment, enthusiasm and energy he demonstrated in the field of sport management. He worked for many years with EASM in various roles and served as General Secretary from 1996 to 2004. His passion for the subject and his dedication to teaching and research inspired many scholars, students and academics throughout the world.

Applicant criteria

Send in your complete application according to the proposal below before 6th February. We welcome applicants from all over the world, however, we only provide scholarships to a maximum of one person per country, to achieve more diversity in scholarship recipients. (Two of the three scholarships should be awarded to individuals from European countries.) An application’s country refers to the institution the individual is associated with, not the country of origin.

How to apply

Please submit your application (motivation letter, CV, references etc.) as one pdf-file (max. 8 MB) via email to Jakob Wikenstaal ( until 6th February 2022.


The Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund Committee will inform all applicants with the decision before 15th February 2022 via email.

Applicant proposal
  • Submit a brief proposal (max. 500 words, including your name, country of residence, current occupation or student status) outlining why you think you should be awarded the scholarship. Please refer to the criteria detailed below to indicate why you would be eligible for the funding. The proposal should:


    • Confirm that you are studying Sport Management in Higher Education (Diploma, Degree, Masters, PhD)
    • Outline the motivation for your attendance at the EASM Conference and/or respective Seminar
    • Indicate the expected outcome of the EASM Conference attendance for the future individual career, including the EASM Student Seminar or EASM PhD Student Seminar
    • Outline plans for disseminating learning from the conference attendance experience
    • Confirm that you are not able to attend the EASM Conference and/or EASM Student Seminar or PhD Student Seminar without this funding
How the scholarship works

When the winners have been contacted, they need to register for the EASM Conference 2022. EASM will pay the 500 Euros once the respective conference fee is paid by the candidates. The remaining money has to be paid by the scholarship recipient. EASM will not transfer the money to the recipient, instead EASM will pay to the conference organisers and EASM will not transfer the money before the recipient has paid his or her part.

If the recipient requires a visa, he or she can apply for the visa as soon as the confirmation of the payment and the final acceptance for the conference is completed.

Award Winners

Piotr Pietras, MSc, International University of Monaco

“In order to become an expert, I’d like to obtain a PhD degree and write a doctoral thesis about sport management, that’s why attending a 2022 EASM Conference and especially Student Seminar would be an opportunity for the to get many important takeaways to achieve this goal. The topic of the conference that concerns sport, tourism and leisure management relates to my master’s thesis and what I’d like to investigate more in my doctoral thesis, once I start this chapter of my education. Sport diplomacy that I made research about also includes issues regarding branding of the city or country – essential when the sport is used as an accelerator of any kind of tourism and leisure activities in the respective place.”

Carlos Eugenio Zardini Filho, PhD, Griffith University

“As a PhD Candidate, the EASM Conference is crucial to share and improve my research in Australia. In 2020, I attended to and presented part of my study at the EASM Conference, obtaining high-level feedback that supported me to better develop my research. For instance, the EASM Conference participants helped me to identify issues, theories and opportunities that had not being considered before. As my study reaches its final year, the benefits of attending the Conference are now more important than ever, especially in person, which maximizes the exchange of knowledge and feedback. The EASM Conference is worldwide known for its quality in terms of producing and exchanging knowledge. As my research topic is underexplored by the literature, I hope the Conference will help me to further improve my study in terms of literature review and analysis, providing new insights and advice to better contribute to the sport management field of study.”

Award Winners 2021

(Alternative format: for EASM Summer School due to the cancelled conference)

Makenna Thrasher
Sintija Misina
Aaron Nieder
Bettina Rodenberg
Olga Yurina
Marios Beqiri
Leopold Koch
C Deep Prakash
Award Winners 2020

Samuel López Carril(Spain) & Luiz Gustavo Nascimento Haas (Brazil)

Award Winner 2019

Mahdieh Seraji


Award Winners 2018

A third scholarship was sponsored by Taylor & Francis


Charitomeni Tsordia                        Kimberley Hardcastle                   Seth Kirby


Award Winners 2017

Nima Farajpour Bakhtiari                         Veronica Lo Presti


Award Winner 2014

Elisabeth Emana


Award Winners 2013

Lilla Szijj (Hungary)                                 Ahmed Alafandi (Egypt)


Award Winner 2012

Sanjay Tewari (India)


Award Winner

Javad Yousefian (UK)