EASM Distinguished Service Award

EASM Distinguished Service Award 


The EASM Distinguished Service Award – recognises a member’s significant involvement and service to the work of EASM.

The accolade is intended to acknowledge the value and contribution made in fulfilling the aims of EASM within a voluntary capacity.




The nominee must meet the following:


  1. Served in a voluntary capacity to help fulfil the aims of EASM within a formal, recognised role;
  2. Demonstrated professionalism, collegiality and expertise whilst undertaking various roles within EASM;
  3. Acted within a respectful manner, demonstrating the EASM values of inclusivity, collaboration, and integrity.



Nomination Procedure

The deadline for the EASM Awards nomination is the 9th of August. The nomination package should be send to Annick Willem (annick.willem@ugent.be) including the following:

  • A letter of recommendation[no more than two pages] to the Award Committee chair that specifically describes the person’s accomplishments in relation to the award criteria. The letter should clearly identify the award the person is being nominated for, and justify why the person deserves the award.
  • We encourage up to three[no more than three] letters of support for inclusion in the nomination package.
  • A resume, CV or brief biography for the nominee (can be pulled from faculty webpage or other online source).

Nominators must be EASM members in good standing and should email the nomination to the Chair of the Award Committee. The Award Committee may subsequently request additional information from the nominator. All nominations will be assessed in confidence.




Submission Process:

Individuals who accept their nomination will be asked to submit a CV and a two-page statement describing their qualifications for the award. The items must be submitted to Annick Willem no later than 9th of August.




During the 25th EASM Conference, the first EASM Distinguished Service Award was presented to Professor Herbert Woratschek. Professor Woratschek has worked for and helped develop EASM over many years and in many ways:


  • He has served on the EASM Board and also the Editorial Board of ESMQ
  • Served in many working groups outside of the board to help in our development such as chairing sub-committees and also representing EASM at WASM meetings.
  • He was Chair of the Local Organising Committee for the 16th EASM Conference and student seminar
  • Initiated our very successful EASM Summer


Most importantly though and above all the work he has voluntarily undertaken for EASM, you can describe Professor Woratschek as simply a very decent, nice, kind genuine guy – values that any organisation would welcome.




The EASM Distinguished Service Award was presented to Ruth Crabtree during the 27th European Sport Management Conference in Seville. EASM honorary President Per Göran Fahlström described the award winner as one of the unsung heroes, who stay in the background while being most important drivers for the development of the association. Ruth Crabtree has fulfilled the award criteria by far:


  • Contribution to an uncountable number of EASM student seminars
  • Co-organizer of several EASM summer schools
  • Contribution of the development of the EASM White Book
  • Development of materials for the EASM awards
  • Negotiation of contracts with several partners and sponsors
  • Main organizer of the annual EASM conference
  • Voluntary EASM Board member for 10 years, including the position as the EASM treasurer as well as the position as EASM vice-president
  • Represented EASM in international alliances and co-operations
  • Has been the EASM’s representative in the WASM Board in the position of vice –president.


Ruth Crabtree has been professional and showed collegiality and expertise, she has always been acting within a respectful manner, proud of the EASM banner demonstrating the EASM values of inclusiveness, collaboration and integrity.

She has been a fantastic team player, who makes her teammates better.