Chelladurai Award

Award Winners

Barrie Houlihan


Barrie Houlihan receives the EASM Chelladurai Award 2022 for his outstanding professional achievements. The entire EASM community congratulates on this special honour.


The reception of this prestigious award is based on his outstanding contribution to the Sport Management field as a researcher, lecturer and supervisor, for his sustained efforts in developing Sport Management as an academic discipline, providing leadership, and gaining peer recognition, and for truly reflecting those qualities demonstrated by Prof. Dr. Chelladurai in the areas of student growth and development, leadership, service, scholarship, and collegiality.


The award committee considers: “Barrie Houlihan an excellent candidate for the Chelladurai Award both because of his impact through research and teaching in the field of sport policy and because of his passion to develop the field and help young scholars.”


“It was an honour to have been selected for the Chelladurai Award not only because it reflected recognition by one of the world’s leading sport management organisations, but also because of the association of the Award with one of the pioneers in the academic study of sport management – Packianathan Chelladurai.” said Barrie Houlihan after receiving the award.


Tracy Taylor

The EASM family congratulates Tracy Taylor for being honoured with the Chelladurai Award 2021 recognising her brilliant work in the sport management discipline.


Heath McDonald, who presented the happy news, underlined her efforts to develop the sports management field. “Me and the nominations committee appreciate the generosity for your networks and especially in developing young scholars”, added Heath McDonald.


Tracy Taylor felt “honoured to receive an award named after one of the greatest in the field”. She expressed her sincere thanks to the EASM community for all opportunities to work with the ESMQ, to be involved in EASM conferences and summer schools. She closed by saying: “Being part of the EASM network is fantastic because it is such a warm and welcoming community”.


Berit Skirstad


Wladimir Andreff


Ian Henry


Trevor Slack


Packianathan Chelladurai

About the award
The Chelladurai Award is a prestigious EASM award and recognises lifetime achievement in the field of sport management.



The nominee must meet the following criteria:


  1. Have made significant contribution in one or more of the following areas:
    1. Conceptual, empirical, or theoretical developments.
    2. Creating and disseminating new knowledge.
    3. Advancing the pedagogy and teaching of the sport management discipline.
  2. Have a minimum of ten years’ service in sport management as a lecturer, researcher, administrator, or combination of thereof.
  3. Reflect EASM’s values in leadership, service, scholarship, and collegiality.


The following (non-exclusive) criteria are taken into consideration by the Award Committee to assess the nominations. Candidates who meet one or more of the criteria are eligible:


  1. Articles in high quality academic peer-reviewed journals (including sport-related articles in other disciplines);
  2. Cited Publications (articles, books, book chapters, edited volumes);
  3. Supervisor of successful researchers (e.g. awarded PhD students, lecturer, senior lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, and professors);
  4. Outstanding performance in promoting EASM and/or ESMQ (e.g. as editor of special issues of ESMQ, organiser of special workshops at EASM);
  5. Research awards and other formal recognitions;
  6. Editorship, associate editorship, or editorial board membership of a peer-reviewed journal of high standing in sport management.

Nomination Procedure


EASM members can nominate a worthy recipient by submitting a nomination package to the Chair of the Award Committee, Aila Ahonen ( before the 30th of June 2023, consisting of:


  1. A letter of recommendation[no more than two pages] to the Award Committee chair that specifically describes the person’s accomplishments in relation to the award criteria. The letter should clearly identify the award the person is being nominated for, and justify why the person deserves the award.
  2. We encourage up to three[no more than three] letters of support for inclusion in the nomination package.
  3. A resumé, CV or brief biography for the nominee (can be pulled from faculty webpage or other online source).

NOTE: It is expected that the Chelladurai Award recipient will deliver a scholarly lecture at the Annual EASM conference.