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World Association for Sport Management


The mission of this newly established organization is to facilitate sport management research, teaching and learning excellence and professional practice. WASM provides a forum for the international perspective on sport management for the Continental Associations, International Sport Federations, Non-government organizations, Institutions of Higher Education, Academics, Students, the Sport Management industry and professionals, National Associations and other affiliated organizations for sport management.  WASM works with all the 6 Regional associations including EASM, NAASM, SMAANZ, ALGEDE, AASM and ASMA, being the only organisation that can truly represent sport management globally.

The 4th World Association for Sport Management (WASM) Conference took place in Doha, Qatar, focusing on connecting theory and practice in sport management.

🌉 Bridging Theory & Practice in Sport Management Insights from the 4th WASM Conference 🏆


Continental Sport Managment Associations


North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM)


Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ)


Asian Association for Sport Management (AASM)


Applied Sport Management Association (ASMA)


Association Latinoamericana de Gerencia Deportiva (ALGEDE)