How to become an EASM Board Member

Want to become an EASM Board Member?


Do you have a passion to work in sport management? Would you like to extend your international network and improve your inter-cultural skills?  Do you “want to give something back to society”?  Have you some experience with EASM conferences? Do you like the goals and the culture of EASM? Are you keen to work with like-minded people from across Europe and the globe? Above all, do you want to have fun and bring a bit of humour into your working life?  If you respond “yes” to each of these questions, then read on.


The EASM Board is made up of volunteers from across Europe who work together to fulfil the main aims of EASM. To help you decide, below you can find some helpful advice regarding what the activity entails and the criteria needed to become an EASM board member. On the bottom of this page you can find the application form and deadlines.


Essential Criteria:

• To be able to effectively contribute to the work of EASM and demonstrate excellent teamwork and project management skills
• Be self-motivated and able to work both independently or as part of a team
• Able to take responsibility and to work accurately and methodically
• Possess good communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to think strategically
• Possess cultural competencies
• High levels of enthusiasm and commitment
• Ability to deliver on deadlines
• Friendly and helpful



Specific Competencies:

• As EASM undertakes various work and projects, depending on the competencies of the Board at any given time, specific competencies and skills may be required. Such areas could include: legal knowledge of the industry; practitioner based competencies; research, event management, facility and operational; financial skills; grant applications etc.
• All meetings and correspondence undertaken by EASM are in English; hence, all Board members should have good verbal and written skills.


EASM Expectations:

• Board members are expected to attend three Board meetings per year (Executive Board members’ four meetings per year) at their own expense. Board meetings usually take place during the EASM Conference in September, and also March and December each year. An additional meeting for Executive Board members takes place in June each year.
• Board members will be assigned individual projects and tasks related to the EASM aims and expected to report back regarding developments and progress.
• All Board members are required to be involved in helping to organise and coordinate the key work undertaken by EASM including: the Annual EASM Conference, EASM Student Seminar; EASM PhD Seminar; EASM Summer School; the European Sport Management Quarterly and other projects associated with EASM. All members are expected to help write the EASM Annual Report that is presented at the AGM each year.



2019 Board Elections


As the new EASM Statutes come into effect this year (2019) all EASM Board positions (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and 5 General Directors) are open for election this year.

The EASM Nominations Committee, consisting of Per Göran Fahlstrom (Chair), Tracy Taylor, Anna Gerke, and Stefan Walzel, announces the following timeline for the EASM Board elections 2019:

1 May 2019                  Announcement of the timeline and process for nominations for Board positions

8 Jul 2019                   Notice of General Meeting / General Assembly

8 Jul 2019                   Call for nominations opens

25 Jul 2019                 Submission deadline for applicants and nominations (12 noon CET)

22 Aug 2019                Dissemination of candidates and voting information to all registered EASM members

29 Aug-4 Sep 19          Electronic voting period

5 Sep 2019                  AGM – elections held for any remaining vacant board position(s) (§ 7.1.5)

19 Sep 2019                Appointment of the EASM Board student member by the newly elected Board announced

17 Oct 2019                Appointment of Secretary General by the new elected EASM Board announced


How to apply:

Send the completed Application Form to the EASM General Secretary Dr. Stefan Walzel ( and Per Göran Fahlström ( by application deadline 25th July 2019, 12 noon CET. 



Please take note of the following specific paragraphs of the EASM Statutes:


Charters 8.2     The Board of EASM shall comprise eleven (11) persons being:

a) Eight (8) persons elected by the members of EASM;
b) A student member appointed by the elected Board members;
c) The ESMQ Editor appointed by the ESMQ Editorial Board; and
d) The Secretary General who shall be appointed by the Board.
The Board shall be constituted as set out in the Bye-Laws, but not more than 75% of the elected Board Members may be male and not more than 75% may be female. No one nation may ever have more than two of the elected members of the Board.


8.2 Balanced Board and Nationality

a) The General Assembly (and Nominations Committee in seeking candidates) should strive for geographical, national and gender equity and balance in the membership of the Board and
(i) At least 4 members of the Board shall be male and at least 4 members shall be female;
(ii) Not more than two of the elected members of the Board may be from any one nation.
b) A person’s Nationality shall be determined by their Passport or National Identity Card. In the event they hold two or more Passports or National Identity Cards, their nationality shall be deemed to be that of their place of birth and if no longer a nation then the place in which they are permanently domiciled. This definition of Nationality applies throughout this Charter.


8.6 Nominations

Nomination of candidates for election to the Board may be submitted by any two full or institutional members of EASM, who must be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting, provided that such nomination is deposited with the Secretary-General in writing not less than 42 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The nomination should specify for which position on the Board the candidate has been nominated. A candidate may nominate for any number of positions on the Board but may only hold one position and must accept the first position to which they are elected.