Bidding Process

Are you interested in hosting one of the next European Sport Management Conferences?


Hosting the European Sport Management Conference in your city offers you a variety of benefits. We expect a minimum number of 300-350 conference delegates, which guarantees your city an international audience with key persons from the world of sport. Furthermore, the conference provides you with the opportunity to promote and further develop the field of sport management in your city, region and country. Highly distinguished academics and professionals from all over the world will come to the conference in order to discuss latest issues, trends, and developments in the field of sport management. This includes organising the EASM Student Seminar for Bachelor and Master Students in sport management, and the EASM PhD Student Seminar, which is significant part of the sustainable development of the Sport Management field.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact EASM’s General Secretary, Anton Behrens (


Call for proposal for hosting the European Sport Management Conference 2026


If you are interested in hosting the European Sport Management Conference in 2026 in your city, please express your interest by contacting EASM’s General Secretary, Anton Behrens ( Please send a formal letter on behalf of the hosting organisation, which could be either a university or a consortium of universities and sport organisations, before 31 May 2023 at the latest, which expresses the commitment and willingness to host the EASM Conference. The following document gives you a first overview about the procedure as well as more information about the setting of the conference: EASM Conference Bidding Procedure 2026


  • Before 31 May 2023 – Express your interest by contacting EASM’s General Secretary
  • Sep 2023 – Candidates for hosting the conference in 2026 will be invited to present their bids to the EASM board
  • Dec 2023 – The conference contract will be signed followed by the official announcement


All bids for hosting the EASM Conference in 2024 will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


  • Originality and relevance of the conference scientific theme;
  • Organisers’ capability to attract conference participants;
  • Calibre and experience of the bid/organising committee;
  • Conference public engagement activities (i.e., how do you plan to engage the wider sport/academic community);
  • Conference promotional plans;
  • Financial and environmental sustainability of the conference concept, including sponsorship deals and support from other institutions;
  • Value for money.


More detailed information about the conference organisation and specific requirements are documented in the Conference White Book which will be sent on request to those organisations who expressed an interest in hosting The European Sport Management Conference.