ESMQ New Researcher Award

An important part of the annual EASM conference is the New Researchers Award (NRA). Organized by ESMQ and sponsored by Routledge Journals, the NRA is awarded to the best original theoretical or conceptual advance and significant unpublished contribution in sport management. The research should be appropriate for presentation at the annual EASM Conference and for publication in the European Sport Management Quarterly. To be eligible for this award, researchers must be near to completion of their PhD or have graduated less than three years prior to submission. The language for each submission is English. The prize is established to stimulate dissemination of new ideas and innovative research in sport management by encouraging new researchers at the start of their career.


The author of the best paper will receive a prize of €500 which is donated by Routledge Journals. In addition, the winner will receive a complimentary one-year EASM membership, which includes a free annual subscription to ESMQ. The winner will also be invited to submit a full paper of his/her work to the ESMQ for publication, taking into account the comments and feedback of the reviewers on how the paper may be strengthened for possible publication. The two finalists will win a book prize.

List of winners of the ESMQ NRA Award

2022   Xiuqi Zhu (University of Northampton)

2020   Bram Constandt (Ghent University)

2019    Minkyo Lee (East Stroudsburg University)

2018    Geoff Schoenberg (Deakin University)

2017    Johannes Berendt (German Sport University)

2016    Gareth J. Jones (North Carolina State University)

2015    Felix Wemmer (Technische Universität München)

2014    Ashlee Morgan (University of Technology Sydney)

2013    Christos Anagnostopoulos (Coventry University)

2012    Reinhard Kunz (University of Bayreuth)

2011    Christian Durchholz (University of Bayreuth)

2010    Daniel Lock (University of Technology Sydney)

2009    Hugo Relvas (Liverpool John Moores University)

2008    Joerg Koenigstorfer (Saarland University)