Developing Sport Managers & Leaders in Europe


The major outcome of the project will be to develop nationally-meaningful and European-wide guidelines and policy recommendations on how to plan, deliver and embed employability frameworks in higher education and other forms of education in order to develop an effective and sustainable sport management workforce to continue to govern and run a sport industry that promotes economic development and health-enhancing physical activity and social welfare across Europe.

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EMP-Sport Toolkit

The EMP-Sport Toolkit is a digital toolkit designed to stimulate discussion and debate with sport management scholars by highlighting best practices for developing employability within and outside the discipline. The toolkit digital guides, e-resources, recorded webinars, and support videos will benefit sport management academics and employers who engage in collaborative work-based or work-related learning interventions with educational partners. The EASM Employability & Entrepreneurship Working Group will continue to work with our network to develop the toolkit for the benefit of our community.