Award Committee

Nominations for EASM 2023 Awards

EASM members can nominate a worthy recipient by submitting a nomination package to the Chair of the Award Committee, Aila Ahonen ( before the 23rd of June 2023, consisting of:


  • A letter of recommendation[no more than two pages] to the Award Committee chair that specifically describes the person’s accomplishments in relation to the award criteria. The letter should clearly identify the award the person is being nominated for, and justify why the person deserves the award.
  • We encourage up to three [no more than three] letters of support for inclusion in the nomination package.
  • A resumé, CV or brief biography for the nominee (can be pulled from faculty webpage or other online source).
About the Committee

The EASM Award Committee advises on the selection of potential winners of the EASM Awards.

The committee members are responsible for the selection process concerning the Chelladurai, the Distinguished Service and the Sport Manager Award.

Committee Members

University of Ghent, Belgium

Annick Willem

Head of the Committee and EASM Board Member

University of Ottawa, Canada

Marijke Taks

Committee Member

Ulster University, Northern Ireland

Paul Kitchin

Committee Member
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