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Sport Management insights

What happens when you bring 5 people together with various experiences from the sports industry? Well we got a great diverse group of expertise in order to share the best tips and tricks for students in the sport management field. We share a video from the employability event that was held during the EASM festival 2021 to showcase sport management insights.

In our second session from the employability event hosted late 2021, we had 5 experts from different fields whom shared their best advice working with the practical and academic sports industry.

Jakob Wikenstaal, board member at EASM was the chair and made sure that these panelists shared their best advices to become employable in an area of expertise.

The following lineup shared their experiences:
• Media – Nick Meacham: Managing Director at SportsPro Media
• Phd – Camille Eslan: PHD Student in management Montpellier Institut Agro for the Fédération Française d’Equitation (FFE)
• Community based sport organisation/club – Steph Migchelsen: President of the European Lacrosse Federation
• Events – Rebecca Nau: Partnership Services Manager – Badger Sports Properties at Learfield IMG College
• Innovation – João Pedro Novochadlo: Co-founder of Veever

In the video below you will get to know the experts better, as well as you will gain valuable lessons within 5 different areas of sport management.

If you haven’t seen the session from sport management students to professional, then you should head over here.

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