"It's results that count" - Impression management in football club financial reporting 177.2 KiB371
'Kill one, scare thousands': A critical appraisal of the risk of a terrorist attack at a sporting occasion 155.5 KiB305
A global investigation of basketball coaches' profession: Initial findings and future orientation140.7 KiB244
Addressing English football's stadium naming rights dilemma: towards a model of good practise278.8 KiB333
Adventure Sport Tourism in Rural revitalisation : An ethnographic evaluation176.5 KiB677
An analysis of operating management process in elite sport systems - Pilot study results195.8 KiB214
An evaluation of medal-based measures of performance in the summer Olympic games277.7 KiB328
An examination of the changing motivations of volunteers over the course of their involvement in sport157.3 KiB244
An international comparison of the elite sport climate and elite sport policies in seven countries (SPLISS)447.7 KiB568
Applying the concept of social world to the study of winter sport tourists206.0 KiB271
Between Tradition, Modernity, and Post modernity: the roles of muslim women in sports adminstration and leadership127.0 KiB215
Building a Legacy? Euro 2005 and the Impact of Women's football in North West England190.0 KiB244
Building community sport partnerships: Using sport and physical activity as a partnership tool132.2 KiB227
Business elements in sport: Qualitative factors affecting the sport sponsorship strategies of Hungarian soccer clubs 150.9 KiB385
Can sport action zones facilitate the achievement of UK government physical activity targets 135.8 KiB290
Canada's performance in the pool: Sink or Swim?158.8 KiB204
Climbing tourism - A chance to revitalise low mountain range destinations? 169.4 KiB227
Commercialisation and the development of new modes of organisation in Norwegian Football 200.3 KiB218
Communities on the move in The Netherlands 166.5 KiB201
Community Sport - The development of a monitoring and evaluation framework and baseline162.5 KiB212
Comparing female college athletes & non-athletes for indicators of risk and eating disorder, body fat & BMI 150.5 KiB215
Competition law issues for new media sports rights in Europe 175.8 KiB311
Competitive intensity in European football287.7 KiB408
Constraints and facilitators to physically active leisure of international students 200.3 KiB216
Consumer interest, awareness, and intent to purchase: A three country study of Olympic sponsorship188.7 KiB326
Contemporary Sports business issues: Sports social responsibility at Middlesbrough Football Club146.8 KiB307
Corporate Reputation: A sport consumer analysis157.6 KiB279
Culture and tacit knowledge in sport organizations86.8 KiB190
Customer exit: An analysis of why members discontinue membership of health clubs 142.6 KiB436
Disability sport in the UK: Do we need another powwow? 160.4 KiB240
Do sport management graduates end up in sport management jobs? 182.5 KiB230
Does Elite collegiate sport develop the business leaders of tomorrow?126.9 KiB206
Does organizational change foster unintended results? 185.8 KiB205
Dunking Aids Out : Games approach to HIV/AIDS Education150.6 KiB307
E-Learning training for sport managers : The Olympia Case132.5 KiB197
Effects of practicum courses on managerial competences for sport events 117.5 KiB208
Empirical analysis of the value creation of sport organisations 175.1 KiB400
Employment for disadvantaged groups via Sport events in South Africa : Sport Partners UK - South Africa127.9 KiB235
Evaluating the contribution of area youth games to English sports policy146.8 KiB234
Evalutating athletic coaches: Refining the scale of coaching performance 159.6 KiB357
Extreme sports: What is the attraction? Explorating the spectator market for the "eight-second" sport-professional bull riding 107.6 KiB301
Female power in Equestrian Sport: A sport with a difference179.9 KiB340
Flash! The Netherlands lifestyle campaign for the promotion of physical activity 157.7 KiB215
Frequency of use of a fitness club in Tokyo84.0 KiB237
Girls Empowerment through sport: Experiences from the Edusport Go sisters! program in Zambia140.8 KiB406
Grounded theory method in sport management research 108.0 KiB299
Higher education working in Africa, the opportunities and the challenges! Zambia - 'The real Africa' 124.4 KiB195
How marketable is women's football in Europe? The case of the German Bundesliga119.2 KiB329
IKGYM: A functional quality system as management tool for voluntary board members186.0 KiB430
Inclusive Sports Development in the Pacific region: Empowering disabled people through sport 119.7 KiB250
Innovation in evaluation: Researching young people's perceptions of youth sport policy160.6 KiB217
Is there an effective football development policy network in England? A case study of the FA's charter standard scheme181.6 KiB259
Its Now Time To Manage Time!254.4 KiB207
Key economic success factors in professional sporting clubs172.5 KiB738
Lawful and determined purposes - Required for legal personality of sport structures in Romania195.2 KiB263
Learning through Sport: Gateshead college sport academics128.1 KiB433
Leisure cards, Social Marketing, E- Governance and citizenship292.6 KiB360
Life stress and health condition of elementary school students' mothers in Taipei78.3 KiB187
Local sports promotion at neighbourhood level in flanders139.1 KiB203
Managing high performance athletes185.5 KiB314
Manufacture of affordable leather balls in Sub-Saharan Africa132.3 KiB239
Methodologies to study low back pain in school children 156.7 KiB211
Negative pasts: Football as an agent of change for problematic drug users186.6 KiB249
New boundaries for international assistance: Sport Aid in International Development 161.3 KiB277
On profit in Spanish Professional Football150.1 KiB292
Organizational efficiency: The knowledge of regional sports associations in Oporto district162.9 KiB192
Physical Activity participation levels of adults in Yorkshire by local authority area160.8 KiB239
Physical Literacy - Definitions and delivery in Northern Ireland98.8 KiB247
Policy initiatives and the use of sport in the regeneration of communities: An exploration of two cities 198.6 KiB251
Positioning federated sports in Portugal: Handball, Basketball, Roller Hockey, and Volleyball111.2 KiB291
Pressure and Hindrances to the employment of paid managers in voluntary sport clubs and federations in Germany 189.2 KiB261
Primary Link with schools - Evidence of Social sport marketing154.3 KiB215
Profile of championship snowboarders165.5 KiB195
Recreation officers at resorts: An emerging sport tourism profession145.6 KiB489
Referees: Rugby's Frontline Managers172.9 KiB489
Relationship between motivation and enjoyment in youth soccer players: An exploratory analysis117.4 KiB333
Risk Assessment of Child Safety in Swimming pools 156.1 KiB198
RTS Volunteers perceptions of support - A case study of active sports149.6 KiB193
Safe, Healthy, Swimming pool - The impact of Who and Cen standards85.8 KiB188
Social Capital and Exercise and Sport activities in local communities126.4 KiB223
Sport administration in a social context: Challenges for training 84.2 KiB213
Sport and physical activity in the 21st century: Will it ever be inclusive and equitable?57.6 KiB228
Sport and the development of social capital among ethnic minorities 153.5 KiB213
Sport and workplace health: The case of Canadian universities184.4 KiB221
Sport as a development tool in south Asia180.0 KiB218
Sport as a medium for personal and social change144.8 KiB225
Sport attractions: Addressing issues of commodification and authencity in tourism destinations 168.7 KiB369
Sport community involvement: A new approach 187.3 KiB189
Sport knowledge australia and the leading edge approach to professional education for the sport industry 108.0 KiB184
Sport opportunities through formal education in the Republic of Ireland 149.7 KiB234
Sporting a new role? Stadia and the property market168.7 KiB298
Sports tourism theory and method: Concepts, issues and epistemologies193.0 KiB597
Steroids in sport: Addressing key issues to promote liberal education through sport 166.7 KiB232
Street kids among the urban poor: Communities in the city of Gweru in Zimbabwe 139.4 KiB226
Swimming pool technology in the 21st century57.2 KiB195
SWOT Analysis of Estonian Sport Education System 163.9 KiB303
The Challenge of Class153.3 KiB224
The Contribution of the Fitness industry to the Public Health Agenda in the UK118.0 KiB409
The economic impact of sport events: Critiquing the UK sport typology165.3 KiB1191
The economic impact of sport in England's East Midlands327.0 KiB349
The economic importance of sport in europe 306.2 KiB534
The education of sport managers in The Netherlands - Connecting sports practices and sports institutes 184.3 KiB187
The effective management of a sports organuisation from a praxeological perspective 130.2 KiB235
The effects of an outdoor experiential programme on social identification 144.9 KiB196
The implementation of volunteer and service learning projects in sport management curriculum84.9 KiB178
The management of voluntary sport clubs and the impact it has on sport participation119.3 KiB214
The Norweigan sports city program's social benefits 195.0 KiB242
The power of partnership: City of Sunderland & Specialist Federations Coordinating & Developing PE & Sport98.1 KiB197
The power of sport business: Chance and risks of a "Second privatization" of sports associations in Germany 156.8 KiB214
The Power of Sport for Community action: Kazemba Village, Zambia208.4 KiB259
The primary economic impact of visitors at major multi-sport-events - A theoretical approach 159.5 KiB289
The Real Madrid way: A case of the proto-image of the firm approach146.5 KiB411
The Realtionship between Organisational Structure and Effectiveness in Belgian Soccer clubs173.3 KiB501
The relationship between season ticket holder satisfaction, sponsor recall and sponsor-related behaviours179.0 KiB259
The role of sport managers in the transfer of sport science to high performance coaching in Canada304.1 KiB243
The study of prediction model of customer development in a Taiwanese sport and health club62.8 KiB181
The value of sports: Measuring brand equity through aesthetic images166.6 KiB210
Transnational higher education & sport management programmes: Challenges and benefits 153.0 KiB206
Trends in Sports Participation in Britain: 1977 - 2002165.8 KiB397
Twenty20 Cricket: Proactive relationship management in 21st century cricket - A cross cultural study 180.0 KiB201
Understanding Golf Tourism: Insights from role theory 204.6 KiB437
Understanding patterns of volunteering commitment amongst third level students 145.3 KiB252
Understanding sport spectators' emotions: Affective experience and affective reaction111.5 KiB285
Universities as part of the community: A case study from the North East England177.3 KiB258
Use and Effectiveness of Pull through advertisments embedded into televised sporting programmes150.4 KiB394
Using database marketing to build customer relationships: Opportunities for sport managers163.2 KiB364
Using the power of a major sporting event to stimulate community regeneration: Football''s coming home (Womens Euro 2005 Legacy programme) 92.7 KiB214
Wellness - Tackling obesity in Sunderland & The Northern region142.2 KiB233
What was it like? Th experience (so far)of doing a social account of jesmond swimming project105.5 KiB266
Who is willing to pay for watching sport on TV? 175.6 KiB229
Women into sport 100.1 KiB192