Malmö Charter signed

Malmö Charter signed

Malmö is the first host city of an EASM Conference that has signed a commitment to sustain the legacy of the conference.

As a city with social and economic challenges as well as innovative and progressive projects, Malmö acknowledges the role sport can play in meeting the challenges of a modern city.

The successful conference and partnership between the university, city and EASM have inspired the partners to introduce the Malmö charter and use the event to create a lasting legacy. Regular reports will be presented at future EASM Conferences on how sport management addresses challenges faced by the city.

The Malmö Charter has been signed by the Mayor of the City of Malmö, Mr. Kent Andersson, the Head of the Department of Sport Science of Malmö University, Torun Mattson, and the President of EASM, Vassil Girginov.

EASM – The Malmö Charter