ENGSO Youth: Interviews with LGBTI Athletes

ENGSO Youth: Interviews with LGBTI Athletes

Sport can be the perfect starting point in educating people, getting rid of prejudgments, and connecting people that would never have met in the first place. The key to a good sports performance is to create a welcoming and open atmosphere in which any kind of discrimination is never tolerated.

Interview with Kim Meylemans

“My coming out wasn’t so much about me being into girls but more about understanding I had a chance to be part of something bigger by speaking up.”

“You don’t have to waste time trying to be someone else,” interview with Šárka Pancochová

On the occasion of this year’s Pride Month, Luca Arfini, a young communications professional from Italy, interviewed young professional athletes who came out of the closet.

Jorik Hendrickx | figure skating

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Eric Mitchell | Pride Month interview

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