EASM Summer School


Make your own experiences during 8th EASM Summer School 2017 at the University of Bayreuth, Germany!

In the tradition of its international student seminars and EASM Summer Schools, the EASM Board and the University of Bayreuth continue its cooperation with the 8th EASM Summer School (02nd – 06th June 2017) in order to offer a strong and differentiated service for future sport management professionals.

The EASM School is a great opportunity for Bachelor and Master students to enrich their degree with new insights in the field of International Sport Marketing. Participants have the chance to build up their own international network within the sport business and to make new friends from all over Europe.

Facts & Figures:

Time: 02nd – 06th June 2017.

Place: Campus / Sport Institute of the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Content: Focus will be on International Sport Marketing. Knowledge in this field is essential to all sport managers of non-profit and for-profit sport organizations.

Learning objectives: Getting new insights and expertise in the field of International Sport Marketing. Furthermore, students will be able to apply professional marketing tools in their sport organizations.


For further information please contact:


Markus Buser
University of Bayreuth
Department of Services Management
Prof. Dr. Herbert Woratschek
Universitätsstr. 30
95447 Bayreuth
E-Mail: easm@sma-bayreuth.de
Phone: +49-921-55 3490
Fax: +49-921-55 3496


For further information about the last EASM Summer Schools, please visit the EASM Summer School website or out Facebook fanpage. There you find all information e.g. about the applying process, registration and program details. If more information about the upcoming EASM Summer School is needed, please contact easm@sma-bayreuth.de.



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