All Black Stakeholder Consequences in New Zealand of the Professionalisation and Globalisation of Rugby Union275.1 KiB594
"Actively engaged" A critical analysis of the new Canadian policy for women and girls in sport337.2 KiB585
(Poster) a conceptual approach to understanding of sports fans' behaviour331.1 KiB906
(Poster) A mental model of sports fan purchasing behavior from a self-concept perspective107.0 KiB480
(Poster) A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Japanese Television News Coverage of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony285.6 KiB447
(Poster) An Examination of the Effects of the Current Economic Downturn on Fan Behaviour at Everton Football Club216.8 KiB245
(Poster) Developing criteria for assessing Major Sport Events in alpine regions.261.8 KiB956
(Poster) distribution strategies of licensed products in Turkish football308.9 KiB459
(Poster) Factors impacting website useability An eye-tracking study of the Vancouver 2010 website294.0 KiB475
(Poster) Fitness industry The influence of service attributes in membership renewal312.0 KiB723
(Poster) Governance of Non Governmental Organisations analysis framework for the governance of international sporting federations365.7 KiB386
(Poster) Heart-capturing (kandoh) scene in sports - Development of a measurement scale and its application to the model288.2 KiB417
(Poster) Perception analysis of amateur players and coaches on artificial and natural grass262.0 KiB344
(Poster) Political recommendations for improving in the social status of referees252.7 KiB350
(Poster) Regional Innovation and Its Effects Case Study of a Stadium in Hiroshima301.2 KiB279
(Poster) Sport website advertising The impact of congruity and endorsement on the effectiveness of banner advertising378.1 KiB1058
(Poster) The exploration of sport experience and model construction of sport participative behavior for the transgender357.6 KiB395
(Poster) The organization of a social integration program for children in a sport camp316.4 KiB347
2010 Winter Olympic Games A Study of Consumer Perceptions Regarding Sponsorship, Ambush Marketing and the Olympic Movement339.3 KiB476
A comparison of sport management study programs at Austrian universities325.0 KiB582
A framework for financial performance measurement of sport governing bodies354.6 KiB494
A new theoretical foundation for sport sponsorship342.7 KiB626
A Study on the relationships among perceived value, team identification and purchase intention of team-licensed apparel - the perspective from Taiwan217.3 KiB390
A survay on management and marketing styles among some Iranian sport complexes and presenting practical approaches296.4 KiB276
Ambush Marketing Issues and Strategies in Vancouver 2010323.2 KiB691
An analysis of scripting using Goffman's natural and social frameworks The case of the 2008 National Basketball Association Finals306.7 KiB343
An Australian sport policy analysis framework applying the model for interpretive sport policy analysis in the Australian context143.2 KiB531
An examination of varying foci and bases of athlete commitment and their relationship with team performance266.3 KiB310
An Exploration of Non-Renewal and Disengagement of Season Ticket Holders from Professional Sport Clubs336.5 KiB394
An investigation into participation in sport and recreation activities by 16-19 year olds in England317.1 KiB1293
An investigation into the consumer profile of a state basketball tournament Sociodemographic segmentation283.1 KiB333
An investigation of human resource empowerment applied to the Greek sport federations382.6 KiB285
Analising determinants leading to sporting success the case of the Italian Athletics Federation184.1 KiB423
Analysing consumer behavior in fitness centres334.4 KiB3295
Analysis of corporate social responsibility on football a comparison between Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian clubs476.7 KiB1123
Analysis of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and US disability discrimination laws329.4 KiB404
Ant-doping policy and professional cycling Exploring attitudes, issues and a pathway to a new approach287.3 KiB371
Application of multi-level analyses in analysing sport participation271.5 KiB234
Assessing Internal Service Quality in IT departments of sports organizations Case study of National Olympic & Paralympics Academy271.7 KiB391
Athens 2004 A longitudinal study of sports infrastructure and tourism legacies344.4 KiB492
Athlete involvement in the governance of international sport371.1 KiB372
Balancing promotion and social responsibility by sport management professionals Investigating the potentially negative influence of viewing mediated sport violence309.7 KiB368
Benefit segmentation of women's soccer spectators regarding fifa women's World Cup 2011 in Germany347.2 KiB692
Calculating the Primary Economic Impact of a Professional Sport Club Development and First Test of a Model260.8 KiB278
Canadian Sport Policy and the role of intergovernmental relations332.6 KiB403
Capacity to Grow The Influence of Organizational Factors on Participation in Community Sport Clubs260.8 KiB387
Central factors in the branding process of recurring sporting events An organizers perspective308.2 KiB579
Chinese consumer's perceptions of action sports356.5 KiB870
Classifying financial situation of professional football clubs329.1 KiB487
Closing the gap - increasing participation in sport and active recreation for young people at risk of social exclusion314.8 KiB421
Comparative analysis of football team composition and results Managerial perspectives for the big-5 European leagues214.1 KiB413
Comparing apples with oranges in international comparative elite sport studies Is it possible341.6 KiB455
Comparing the economic dimension of the FIFA Football World Cup 2006 in Germany and the UEFA EURO 2008 in Austria241.4 KiB342
Competencies and cognitive styles of board members in community sports clubs288.9 KiB433
Competition in professional German soccer - The myth of the national cup1.0 MiB398
Conceptualising new team identification306.0 KiB408
connecting American and European classrooms through online collaboration300.7 KiB365
Corporate social responsibility implementation by professional sports organizations in Canada and France from 1995 to 2010 and evolutions factors263.6 KiB640
Creation of an independent body for the control of the governance of sporting organisations worldwide637.5 KiB525
Cultural profiles of national sport organisations Implications for framing and managing participation313.3 KiB219
Customer loyalty of fitness centers A model of creation and perception of value232.9 KiB513
Customer segmentation of the spectator market in professional football496.4 KiB2611
Delivering sport development programs in correctional facilities306.7 KiB336
Delivering sports policy through local governance and partnership New labour and the English county sports partnerships345.2 KiB327
Developing sponsorship partnerships a case study in football379.9 KiB1046
Developing Sport and Physical Activity Participation through "Value-Matching" A case study using Olympic and Paralympic Values..307.8 KiB201
Disability Liaison Officers in European Football Clubs as incipient managerial position English, German and Spanish Perspectives373.1 KiB403
Diversification or prioritizationThe Dutch struggle with the why, where and how to prioritize in elite sport policy312.3 KiB449
Do sport events attract other types of volunteers350.5 KiB394
Do we really care An examination of public debate surrounding the Crawford report's findings on the future of Australian sport240.5 KiB295
Does artificial football turf require field certification The Spanish case222.2 KiB336
Does strategic marketing of non-football team sports suffer from a lack of competitive attitude Findings from a qualitative club survey347.5 KiB261
Elite sport development in Finland Against the mainstream260.1 KiB656
Elite sport success Improvement as a proxy for successful policies332.9 KiB430
Elite sports and Twitter297.8 KiB315
Elite sports in Nordic countries Is leadership and organization the key to success404.9 KiB816
Enhancing service quality for spectators of professional sport - can this directly lead to increasing attendances An ongoing exploratory study248.9 KiB318
Environmental Awareness and The Action of Consumption in Sports359.3 KiB403
Evaluation of quality determinants in web sites Results from Greek & English outdoor recreation industry336.7 KiB335
Event bids Potentials for leverage283.4 KiB350
Examining antecedent factors of sport consumption motivation Personality, normative beliefs, and fan identification in the sport industry245.0 KiB327
Examining the importance and relevance of market demand factors Theoretical and practical implications298.6 KiB449
Examining the rationale behind participation in running related travel272.5 KiB273
Examining the role of sports practice in the purchasing intention of university branded products - The case of "Lyon 1" (France)275.1 KiB287
Factors potentially affecting the attendance of high school state basketball tournament287.1 KiB394
Financing New York's sport venues351.3 KiB322
Fitness industry The influence of service attributes in membership renewal312.0 KiB294
Football ownership in England Body corporate or body community273.9 KiB287
Governance in African national cricket organisations An exploratory study336.9 KiB334
Governance practices in UK national governing bodies of sport271.7 KiB298
Growing running market necessitates mastermind marketing strategies of athletic federations318.4 KiB332
Human needs and tourist roles358.7 KiB532
Human resource training and national sport organization managers Examining the impact of training on individual and organizational performance308.3 KiB392
Images of rural sport event tourism destinations held by spectators and participants332.8 KiB676
Implementing Corporate Responsibility through Partnerships in the Football Industry292.3 KiB288
In pursuit of best performing sport clubs253.6 KiB231
Innovative Place Branding during Olympic Games - Case Studies from Turin 2006, Beijing 2008 and Vancouver 2010320.2 KiB393
Intercultural communication in sport management The role of sport manager346.1 KiB1123
International sport and development A course for sport management majors296.7 KiB225
Issues and strategies pertaining to the Canadian governments' coordination efforts in relation to the 2010 Olympic Games306.7 KiB342
Leisure Sport Governance Principles Czech Cycling Associations240.3 KiB359
Leveraging nautical sports events portfolio458.2 KiB1535
Major Australian sport events Security and safety explored313.3 KiB345
Making it happen The role of action research in facilitating positive behavioural change in an English premier league football club319.6 KiB448
Making Regional Sports Tourism Networks Work A Qualitative Network Analysis317.2 KiB295
Management of preparations for Euro 2012 in Poland336.7 KiB239
Managing Community Sport Under Neo-liberalism Dealing with the Issues433.9 KiB338
Managing internal stakeholders' support of major sponsorships278.6 KiB291
Managing the Transition of Young Footballers from the Youth to the Professional Environments in Elite European Football an Organisational Perspective297.1 KiB291
Market environment for high school basketball in the United States300.5 KiB578
Marketing (through) the 'Different' The Example of Homo Sports Events305.9 KiB487
Measuring levels of physical activity to montior health benefits in Northern Ireland265.5 KiB579
Measuring the economic impact of minor sport events Cost benefit analysis and case study for a small city387.3 KiB700
Measuring the impact of sport events on sport tourism stakeholder's networks186.5 KiB435
Mega sport events and marketing places. The new identity and actractiveness of Turin after the 2006 Olympic Winter Games558.4 KiB527
Mobile TV and Sport Consumer Motivational Factors367.8 KiB319
Motivation and Profile of Participants in the New Endurance Sports The Triathlon325.4 KiB391
Motivations, job characteristics, satisfaction, and likelihood of future service in sport event volunteers Insights from the European Football Championship 2008325.4 KiB486
Nurturing creativity in sport management education346.0 KiB333
Open Water as Sports Infrastructure151.1 KiB290
Organisation intervention factors in increasing and sustaining participation in physical activity. A case study or triathlon388.2 KiB407
Organisational culture within Women's football A comparative study within European football organisations349.2 KiB651
Organizational change of sports clubs initiated by a central implemented quality management system The case of Belgian gymnastics clubs219.0 KiB393
Organizational identification and its impact on attitudes toward corporate social responsibility The "internalexternal" stakeholder perspective319.8 KiB387
Participation incentives in children's sport camps and their relationship with satisfaction and behavioral intentions319.2 KiB498
Perceived Constraints on Recreational Skiing Participation Differences in the among Demographic Groups and Groups with Different Participation Rates316.3 KiB540
Perfomance evaluation in soccer The Fabio Capello Index project238.3 KiB351
Performance assessment of non-profit sport organizations A status quaestionis from the literature332.9 KiB402
Performance Management And Performance Measurement In The Soccer Industry161.6 KiB316
Policy instruments in the governance of sustainable London Olympics sports legacy280.3 KiB330
Political arena of sport for development and corporate social responsibility - Opportunities and threats230.3 KiB372
Professional competencies in university sport management graduates280.4 KiB506
Professional Negligence for Ambush Marketing an Australian legal perspective295.5 KiB702
Protecting or Policing Examining Brand Protection, Ambush Marketing, and the Olympic Games349.6 KiB335
Qualitative methods in endorser-product fit research trends and current issues in examples of athlete endorser227.9 KiB396
Real and virtual sport events in marketing industrial products348.3 KiB505
Recovery sport marketing for an unsuccessful Olympic bid439.6 KiB481
Refinement of the Foot PASS model for a high quality certification of professional football clubs273.9 KiB462
Resident, local business, and international visitor perceptions of the nation-branding impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ 272.8 KiB350
Risk management in an Olympic team Norway at the 2010 Winter Games314.7 KiB235
Searching for evidence A case analysis of the impact of policy on the management of a community sport organisation349.8 KiB501
Segmenting NBA's Chinese viewers based on their searched experiences332.2 KiB627
Seifried - Sport facilities as a broadcast studio for human extensibility Geographic information system diagrams of a high and low identified fan296.7 KiB461
Short-term external pressures and its consequences A study of Nordic top football clubs338.3 KiB542
Signaling through Mega Sport Events - A Comparison between Beijing 2008 and Vancouver 2010526.5 KiB375
Sponsoring the Olympic Games in Beijing A longitudinal analysis of sponsor advertising strategies317.0 KiB332
Sponsorship in Football Clubs Italian Serie A case267.5 KiB441
Sport and urban regeneration Theory, policy and practice. A regional case study of North West England, UK183.3 KiB338
Sport Events and TV Audiences The Particular Case of a Regional TV Channel363.4 KiB442
Sport management literature A content analytic examination of the European Sport Management Quarterly and the European Journal for Sport Management361.5 KiB488
Sport Participation in Europe Older Amateur Athletes and the European Senior Games262.5 KiB344
Sport Spectator Preferences - What is their motivation to watch sports on mobile devices324.9 KiB696
Sport's Social Provisions318.7 KiB327
Stakeholder homogeneity or heterogeneity Opposition to stadium subsidies in Washington, DC and the LGBT community284.7 KiB296
Strategic marketing management and the marketing mix (4Ps or 7Ps) as essential components for marketing sport events in South Africa341.0 KiB589
Strategic marketing planning for Sport for All Programs338.5 KiB283
Strategic marketing planning in Greek professional sport clubs382.4 KiB454
Striving for world class performance in cross-country skiing What separates the national team from private teams in developing elite athletes392.5 KiB315
Taipei residents' perceptions of social impacts from the 2009 Summer Deaflympics306.8 KiB424
The brand architecture of professional football leagues from a consumer's perspective - A co-driving relationship between leagues and teams305.1 KiB296
The changing stakeholder map of Formula One Shanghai317.3 KiB509
The choice of the legal form and its effects on governanceA case study of an Austrian soccer club309.6 KiB294
The communication between the chairman and the CEO Preliminary findings from Nordic football clubs324.5 KiB232
The development of a model to measure the competitiveness of nations in athletics389.0 KiB631
The economic impact of sporting events A stakeholders perspective332.9 KiB311
The Economic Impact of the 2009 Athens Classic Marathon Runners on the City of Athens326.9 KiB228
The Economics of Listed Sports Events in a Digital Era of Broadcasting A Case Study of the UK246.9 KiB284
The effects on team output of employing an internationally-diverse workforce The case of Europeans in the National Hockey League286.2 KiB312
The efficacy of government sport participation policies Lessons from Australia263.2 KiB298
The influence of total quality management in the innovative capacity of the municipal firm252.3 KiB290
The learning effect and identification of the "learning by doing" teaching method in undergraduate sport marketing course ~ alumni vs. student349.7 KiB501
The Non Economical Critical Factors that influence the success of a sport event313.9 KiB340
The Non Linear Relationship Between Number of Clubs and Sport Practitioners350.3 KiB313
The Organisational Development Tool Sport and Recreation New Zealand's quest to create successful and sustainable organisations376.6 KiB269
The organizational framework of sport in Spain and current public policy priorities102.1 KiB333
The perceived consumer value of sport teams - A new multi-dimensional approach436.8 KiB431
The Premier League of Nations English Owned or Foreign Owned; does it really make that much financial difference314.2 KiB343
The relationship between international performances at young ages and later success in tennis A bottom up and top down approach354.6 KiB446
The relationship between sport event volunteers' commitment, satisfaction and perceived organisational support354.4 KiB373
The role of cooperative relationship between the board president and sport manager towards the success of voluntary sports associations325.0 KiB296
The sale of media sports rights - the distribution issue339.8 KiB373
The telemark ski race - history as survival of a marginal sport's race271.7 KiB303
The twin edges of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility A synthesis and application to sport281.5 KiB299
The use of qualitative methods in benchmarking research The case of promotional objects in French universities373.2 KiB268
Three variations of the Nordic Sport Model251.2 KiB282
Transgendered athletes Law, sociology, and policy298.0 KiB308
UK School Games an analysis of policy implementation121.4 KiB286
Understanding the strategic capabilities of sport organisations278.1 KiB346
Use and effects of urban public sports- and playgrounds in the Netherlands336.4 KiB450
Using citations analysis to examine journal impact295.2 KiB332
Using cross-institution student presentations to internationalise the sport management curriculum264.4 KiB292
Using structural analysis to identify barriers to functioning An agenda of strategic issues for NGBs358.7 KiB293
Value creation and strategic management The sport and business strategy of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona (2000-2009)548.3 KiB1056
What is an "event manager" Insights from the analyses of a complex sport event model186.4 KiB306
Why give Motives for philanthropic giving through foundations within the Union of European Football Associations and the National Football League284.2 KiB357
Youth Olympic Games Challenges and considerations in organising the largest multisport competition for young athletes337.0 KiB354