Students at the Conference

Students at the Conference

Day six, Thursday, was the first day of the conference. For the first time this week we had the opportunity to choose the lectures we wanted to go to. The evening before I took my time to look through the conference app, Attendify, to check out all the lectures that were about to be given the next day. From what I attended that day I learned a lot of new information, for instance about self-promotion on social media, fan commitment and drug policies in the United States. When it comes to the food, it even became better than the days before. And after the good dinner we went to the city to have some drinks and to discuss the lectures that we visited.

The next days of the EASM Conference were similarly structured with different presentations, poster sessions and workshops. I visited my Japanese colleague from the Student Seminar who did a poster presentation. I could tell that the group of students was getting together. Everybody felt at ease and you could see that all students were having interesting discussions as well as having a fun and good time together. The dinners were outstanding, the program and services offered were perfect. The lectures were interesting, the social program was fun, and the people were very friendly.

We closed the EASM Conference with a beautiful dinner in the City Hall of Malmö. You could tell that the university and the city of Malmö had the best interest in making the city an exciting and sports-breathing city where people live together peacefully. However, you could also experience through the whole week that there are still difficulties the city faces and the university as well as members of politics are aware and willing to find different ways and innovation solutions for the city of tomorrow.

by Mart