Group work during the Student seminar

Group work during the Student seminar

by Daryousch

The days 3-5 were very intensive but also very interesting. Mainly we heard lectures about integration and did group work to prepare a final presentation. Furthermore, there was another field trip. We went to an outdoor gym and saw a nice possibility of doing fitness outside while enjoying fresh air.

My group was very competent and nice and I was confident in our project. We had a good learning atmosphere and always achieved progress together, because every group member contributed different ideas.

Our final presentation was about the campaign Football Against Racism of Malmö FF. Our group received a good and reasonable feedback, which will help us all to further improve. I’m proud, because I was able to present in a competent way and I got great engagement with the audience.

All the groups did a great job and I am sure the tutors could enjoy very interesting presentations. All in all, I had an interesting student seminar week. I learned a lot and I am sure that I could gather much helpful information for my future studies.

After the final presentations the students went to the Opening Ceremony of the EASM Conference 2018. Afterwards I spent a very nice evening at a rooftop bar and I had some nice conversations with EASM delegates. Now I am looking forward to the Conference and to some informative presentations.