Webinar series with Sport Business International

Webinar series with Sport Business International

In partnership with Sport Business International EASM has launched a series of webinars designed to explore topical issues related to the theory and teaching of sport management as well as developments of sport industry.

The second seminar of the series is coming up with the interesting title:

Bringing Sport Clubs to the Classroom
Lessons from the Field for Case-Based Seminars

Find out what happens when you pair the classroom with hands-on experience in sport management by bringing real-world cases from sports clubs to seminars?

Join Professor Claas Christian Germelmann and Dr. Maximilian Stieler from the University of Bayreuth as we discuss the why and how of integrating real-world cases into your sport management seminars that combine consulting, research, and teaching into a novel co-creative learning experience for the students. Learn about the do’s and don’ts, and profit from the webinar hosts’ year-long experience with many clubs and other partners from the industry.

When is the webinar?
Date: July 3, 2018
Time: 4.00pm CET

How can I tune in?
Follow the link: Sport Business International & EASM Webinar

What if I can’t attend at this time?
On the EASM website you will find all EASM webinars in the membership area.