ESMQ New Members of the Editorial Board

ESMQ New Members of the Editorial Board


Word from the Editor


Dear members of the EASM community

I hope that you continue to be safe and well in these times of ongoing challenge. As we move towards the summer, I just wanted to share some updates with you.

Following a couple of action points from the last Board meeting in Seville. The Associate Editors and I have been working hard to ensure that the Board:

    1. becomes balanced in terms of gender diversity
    2. has some gaps in particular areas of expertise filled
    3. brings some earlier career academics onto the Board to help to ensure progression



With this in mind, I would like to welcome on your behalf the following colleagues onto the Board.


Larissa Davies – Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Leah Gillooly – Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Kathryn Heinze – University of Michigan, USA

Larena Hoeber – University of Regina, Canada

Shannon Kerwin – Brock University, Canada

Thilo Kunkel – Temple University, USA

Rebecca Leopkey – University of Georgia, USA

Laura Misener – Western University, Canada

Steven Salaga – University of Georgia, USA

Nicolas Scelles – Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Katrin Scharfenkamp – University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Emma Sherry – Swinburne University, Australia

Cecilia Stenling – Umeå University, Sweden

Anna-Maria Strittmatter – Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway

Nicholas Watanabe – University of South Carolina, USA

Annick  Willem – Ghent University, Belgium

Grace Yan – University of South Carolina, USA


  1. Following the last Board meeting we have also appointed a further two Associate Editors to help with the increase in workload – which has also really spiked since the lockdown. I would therefore like to welcome our existing Board members, Andrea Geurin and Brian Soebbing, to the Associate Editor team.
  2. On behalf of the Board and former editors I would also like my sincere thanks to both Lucie Thibault and Dimitra Papadimitriou who have decided to step down from the Board because of other commitments. Lucie, Dimitra, the ESMQ community owes you a debt for the legacy of your work. Thank you both very much for your service to the journal.”



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