Impulse Summit 2020

Impulse Summit 2020

The Impulse Network is run by the Sports Business Club at the University of St. Gallen. A team of volunteering students offers students of the sports industry a non-profit platform to take part in an international and inter-generational exchange to shape the future of the industry; bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical experience in the sports business.

The event took place between the 26th and 30th October. EASM initiated a collaboration, where we had the chance to select a student member for the online event this year. We were looking for eager young minds, willing to challenge the status quo of the sports industry. The only requirement was to be an EASM student member.

Ben Decker was selected and this is his account of the experience.


My experiences at the Impulse Summit 2020

“At the end of October I was chosen to represent the EASM as a challenger at the prestigious „Impulse Summit 2020“ organized by the Sport Business Club of St. Gallen.

After a lot of preparation beforehand I was part of the discussion „Investment in football“ lead by a panel of experts of the sport industry. I gained a lot of important insights and was impressed by the honest and straightforward statements made by the experts. After the official session has ended, it was great to have an open and exclusive discussion in a private session afterwards. This was an eye opening and game changing event where I made a lot of new contacts through different branches of the sport industry.

To be directly involved in a discussion with worldwide known experts and to know that they are very interested in our perspective as the next generation was a unique experience and an extra motivation for my studies.

I would like to thank the EASM for choosing me and giving me the chance to challenge the experts and debate some pressing topics of the sport industry.

I can highly recommend to participate at this event especially because they are planning to have a real meeting in St. Gallen next year and not an online convention.”

Watch the Video of Ben ‘s account of the Impulse Summit 2020