Farewell by the Vice President Ruth Crabtree

Farewell by the Vice President Ruth Crabtree

Dear EASM Board,

I just wanted to drop an email to thank EASM for the many opportunities it has allowed me over the years.  I have worked with some amazing people who have taught me a lot and I thank you for that.  In the work I have undertaken for EASM, WASM and also the work I do for my University, I have learnt that the “best organisations” that are seen as global and international, demonstrate key success factors.  The most effective global organisations are those ones that embrace change and recognise the need to.  The top organisations are those that do not demonstrate ethnocentric behaviour.  Behaviours that suggests this is the best way because our organisation has been established the longest, or this is the best way because we do it this way in our country, or this is the best way because an individual or organisation has a title, status or ranking, so the perception is that they “know best”.

Rather, the finest organisations are those ones, who learn from best practice regardless of status, country, title, longevity etc.  The most effective organisations are those that embrace cultural diversity and recognise that there are different ways to view things and different ways to do things.  That recognise individuals for the skills, competences and attitudes they can bring to an organisation in helping to advance that organisation, as oppose to personal gain.  Leading international organisations that are most effective are ones that foster true teamwork, the best sports teams are not made up of 10 superstars, rather a group of individuals who understand the common goal and all have roles to play in delivering that.

I thank EASM for giving me the opportunity to reflect and learn such values, in all the work I have undertaken voluntarily for EASM, I have attempted to do so to the best of my ability for the development of EASM.  I have made some great, loyal friends along the way and have had the pleasure to work with some lovely inspirational, humble individuals.  I will continue to be involved with EASM albeit in a different way from now on, with a bit more time to enjoy the conferences, seminars and other services offered.

Above all of this though, I have had such fun for many years and this is one of the values I hold dearly, because if you cannot have fun, laugh and smile in the work we undertake, then we are missing out on one of the greatest gifts God has granted us.  So EASM Board, many thanks for all the opportunities, take care and keep up the great work.

Cheers Ruth