EASM Board

EASM Board

As part of the 2018 Annual General Meeting on 7th September 2018 in Malmö the vacant positions on the EASM Board were filled.

We welcome four new members on the board: Karin Book (Sweden), Mary Charalambous-Papamiltiades (Cyprus), Bob Olukoya (United Kingdom) and Annick Willem (Belgium).

Former Treasurer on the board Claas Christian Germelmann (Germany) has been elected as Vice President and former board member Aila Ahonen (Finland) has been elected as Treasurer. Irena Valantine (Lithuania) has been re-elected in her role as a board member as well as Jakob Wikenstål as student representative.

President Vassil Girginov (Bulgaria), General Secretary Stefan Walzel (Germany), as well as board members Christos Anagnostopoulos (Greece), Guillaume Bodet (France) and Paul Downward (United Kingdom) will continue in their respective roles.

We are pleased you have chosen to serve the association with your expertise and knowledge in the next year and after the successful Conference in Sweden we are going into this new term with motivation and excitement.

Full EASM Board information can be found here: https://www.easm.net/board/