Candidates for Nominations Committee

Candidates for Nominations Committee

The EASM Board is pleased to present to its members four strong applications for the EASM Nominations Committee:


Anna Gerke
Audencia Business School, Paris




I would like to put myself forward as a candidate for the EASM Nominations Committee. I have had first experience in this committee, which will be very useful to contribute and manage the tasks in the coming year.
I am very familiar with the main academic associations and journals for sport management. I have published in the three main journals and I have been participating in the major sport management conferences.
I have been now seven years in academia but consider myself still as early in my career as academic. Therefore, I would like to contribute to the EASM Nominations Committee from the perspective of a junior academic but at the same time learn from senior academics that are also part of the committee.



Elmar Guliyev

Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport





  • Founder and President of Erasmus Student Network Azerbaijan
  • MA Sport Management student at Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport
  • Member of EASM




Tracy Taylor

University of Technology, Sydney 







I am pleased to accept the nomination to be on the EASM Nominations Committee. I have over 30 years of experience in sport management, as an educator, researcher and in senior management and service positions. I served SMAANZ Board, including as President and SMR Editor, and I have good networks within the EASM community having served as Editor of ESMQ and Board Member. I also chaired the EASM Awards Committee for two years. I am passionate about good governance and creating opportunities for emerging scholars to be involved in service to the profession.


Mathieu Winand 

LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise and Sports






Since my first EASM conference in 2009 in Amsterdam, I have been closely connected to the EASM community. I understand the objectives it pursues and the values it stands for as well as the challenges this represents, particularly in the light of my involvement in another European management conference. I see this participation to the EASM Nominations Committee as a service to the EASM community that I would do with great pleasure and altruism. I wish to contribute in an objective and transparent way of identifying and encouraging EASM Board candidates who share those EASM values and ambition.