PhD Student Seminar


The PhD Student Seminar is a two-day international seminar and is held prior to the European Sport Management Conference. The seminar aims at gathering doctoral sport management students from all over the world for mutual discussions and presentations of their research projects. During the seminar, the students will develop an understanding of the position and the progress of sport management and its publications. The students will also develop comprehensive skills in order to submit articles relevant for the field of sport management, and their publication traditions.


  • creation of networks
  • encourage future joint research projects across nations and establishments
  • gain knowledge of the rules for scientific publications in relation to sport management and your own research subject
  • be able to present research in an accepted article form
  • evaluate contemporary and future research designs and themes  relevant for the development of sport management


PhD Student Seminar 2018 in Malmö, Sweden:


The seminar will be held on September 4-5 and takes advantage of being held prior to the European Sport Management Conference by inviting leading scholars from the field of research to join the seminar as keynote speakers. Among the tutors and lecturers you will find Veerle de Bosscher, Jörg Königstorfer, Ulrik Wagner and Johan Norberg.

This is a seminar within the field of sport management. Eligible are doctoral students, the special application form can be found on the official conference website.


Applications must be sent by e-mail to Ulrik Wagner starting from February 1st but no later than June the 1st.


Contact Information

Ulrik Wagner, PhD.: