PhD Student Seminar

The PhD Student seminar is organized prior to the start of each conference. Its goal is to  strengthen the ability of writing research articles for referred journals in the field of sport management, with a focus on research design and relevance for the academic field. During the seminar, the students will develop an understanding of the position and the progress of sport management and its publications. The students will also develop comprehensive skills in order to submit articles relevant for the field of sport management, and their publication traditions.


At the end of the seminar the students will have demonstrated knowledge of the rules for scientific publications in relation to sport management and to their own research subject, are able to present research in an accepted article form, and to evaluate relevant contemporary and future research designs and themes relevant for the development of sport management.


This is a seminar within the field of sport management. Eligible are doctoral students, the special application form can be found on the official conference website (coming soon).

Contact Information

Ulrik Wagner, PhD.


EASM PhD alumni


To build and sustain collegiality within the EASM PhD alumni


* Generate and sustain a communal EASM PhD alumni

* Connect past, present and future alumni

* Build a supportive and constructive forum for PhD students to present their work, access information and resources and receive feedback

* Get PhD seminar attendees’ names out into the research community

* Foster future collaboration opportunities