EASM Conference

Academics and professionals form over 40 countries and from every continent gather every year at the EASM Annual Conference. It is the ideal meeting place for knowledge exchange and network opportunities. Having started in 1993 in Groningen, The Netherlands, the conference just celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017 in Bern, Switzerland.

Apart from an excellent academic program for both academics and professionals in the field, the conference also includes activities for students. A student seminar for Bachelor and Master students and a PhD student seminar are organized in the days prior of the event.  The student seminar gives participants the opportunity to meet other students from all over Europe and jointly work on the management game, of which the final is planned during the conference. The PhD student seminar aims at strengthen the ability of writing research articled for referred journals in the field of sport management.


The 26th Annual EASM Conference will be held
in the exciting city of Malmö, Sweden 5-8 September 2018



The past 25 editions of EASM conferences:


2017 Bern (Switzerland)
2016 Warsaw (Poland)
2015 Dublin (Ireland)
2014 Coventry (United Kingdom)
2013 Istanbul
2012 Aalborg (Denmark)
2011 Madrid (Spain)
2010 Prague (Czech Republic)
2009 Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
2008 Heidelberg-Bayreuth (Germany)
2007 Turin (Italy)
2006 Nicosia (Cyprus)
2005 Newcastle-Gateshead (United Kingdom)
2004 Gent (Belgium)
2003 Stockholm (Sweden)
2002 Jyvaskyla (Finland)
2001 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
2000 San Marino (Republic of San Marino)
1999 Thessaloniki (Greece)
1998 Madeira (Portugal)
1997 Glasgow (United Kingdom)
1996 Montpellier (France)
1995 Budapest (Hungary)
1994 Florence (Italy)
1993 Groningen (The Netherlands)


What’s next? 

We are looking into the future and bring EASM back to Spain in 2019 with the conference being held in Sevilla 3-6 September 2019.

The EASM board will make a decision on the venue for EASM 2020 at the board meeting in April 2018.

Shortly after a call for proposals to host EASM 2021 will follow with detailed information about the application procedure.