Working Groups

EASM Employability & Entrepreneurship Working Group


The EASM Employability and Entrepreneurship Working Group aims to develop employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship frameworks to assist the career development of future and existing sports managers (paid and voluntary)  across Europe by supporting EASM members and the EASM board with the creation of relevant resources and dissemination of best practice, including;


  • Establishing a common language for developing employability and entrepreneurship;
  • The monitoring of the sport management labour market trends in Europe.
  • Identifying employment and career structures within the sport industry across Europe;
  • Involving employers in discussing sport management curricula and research agendas;
  • Working with professional support services (e.g. careers) to enhance curricular delivery;
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship education;
  • Career development learning;
  • Work Based Learning (e.g. Placements/internships);
  • Work Related Learning (e.g. simulations, field study, insight visits);
  • Curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular innovation.


This working group will prioritise increasing employer engagement in EASM activities, including the integration of employers within the EASM conference. Appropriate parallel themes will be explored focused on the employers’ perspective and knowledge exchange.

Members interested in being part of the WG are invited to contact the Chair of the Working Group Steve Osborne


EASM Sustainability Survey

In line with our strategic priorities, it is our aim to conduct conferences, activities and operations in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner. Moreover, we strive to maximise the social footprint of the conference, activities and operations.

In order to fulfil our responsibility as organisers of the largest sports management conference in Europe, we have begun to critically question the sustainability of the EASM conference, to have it independently evaluated and to work on recommendations for action to improve the status quo.

EASM wants to thank Andrea Collins, Nicole Koenig-Lewis and Eve Williams for the thourough sustainability report of EASM 2022 in Innsbruck and is looking forward to shaping the conference and organisation in a more sustainable manner.

Click here fore the full report and presentation.