EASM Student Representative

The student representative aims to bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a member of EASM for your professional career. Each year EASM welcomes a new sport management student from Europe to the board.


For the academic year 2017-2018 Jakob  Wikenstål is the student representative.

Jakob is a third-semester master student of the ‘Sport Management’- program at Malmo University. Jakob is always structured and organized and he likes to get things done. That’s why he has studied abroad in USA and Australia to see things differently and learn sports and cultures from other perspectives.

Except studying sports, he likes to consume it on other areas too. Jakob has great knowledge and interest within football but enjoys all kinds of sports. He has also a great interest of traveling and meeting friends and family. Further, he also writes to top sports marketing and sports business professionals around the world (NBA; MLB; NFL; NHL: MLS; top European football clubs at OvertimeSports.

As a former participant, he experienced great people and new learning’s of attending the EASM Conference and the student seminar. The involvement as a student representative constitutes the next step, reaching for a function with several responsibilities for the implementation of the student seminar.

The EASM Student Representative is always present during the Student Seminar, which is traditionally held the days before the annual EASM Conference and as a result we have got a potential member rate between 1500 and 2000 (former) students who participated in the Student Seminars. At this moment we are working on developing the content on the site and the platform created for students.

Jakob will always be here to help students or other participants finding their way at EASM (both the student seminar and the Conference), getting to know the students and get them in contact with professionals.


Former student representatives:

2014-2015: Gaby Dijkstra

2015-2016: Ben de Boer & Cheryl Bos

2016-2017: Tim Koritkowski