Board candidates

EASM Board 2017 Elections Bern


EASM President candidates:


  1. V. Girginov (M)
  2. T. Breitbarth (M)


EASM Treasurer candiate:


  1. C. Germelmann (M)


EASM Secretary General candidate:


  1. S. Walzel (M)


EASM Board members candidates:


  1. C. Anagnostopoulos (M)
  2. B. Benito (F)
  3. G. Bodet (M)
  4. D. Chatziefstathiou (F)
  5. D. De Haan (F)
  6. J. Nová (F)
  7. N. Peshin (M)
  8. I. Valantine (F)



EASM President candidates:


  1. V. Girginov
Current Employer: Brunel University London
Position Held: Reader in Sport Management

I have been involved with EASM since its establishment in 1993 and have attended all but a couple of its annual conferences. I have systematically contributed a number of authored and collaborative presentations and have conducted joint projects with several European colleagues. My involvement with EASM also includes serving on EASM’s Scientific Committees, the ESMQ’s Board, and New Researcher’s Award panel, and running the Editors’ workshop.

I have considerable research and sport industry experience in working with sport organisations at local, national and international levels as well as implementing major projects with leading academic publishers. I have also organised a number of national and international conferences including the premier sport sciences event ICSEMIS (International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport) in 2012 in Glasgow.

If elected as President of EASM, I will pursue actively the development of the Association into a truly membership organisation by focusing my efforts on three critical aspects aimed at providing quality services to all members and ensuring their greater engagement. The first aspect concerns enhancing the teaching of sport management at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels by promoting existing and emerging practices. The second aspects involves advancing spot management research through collaborative and cross-national projects. Finally, forging links with industry partners and other continental sport management associations will be sought to both further enhance the credibility of EASM and increase the involvement of its members.

I believe in the potential of EASM to continue establishing itself a highly academically respected, effective and practically relevant organisation in the field of sport management and will devote my time and energy to make this a reality.


  1. T. Breitbarth
Current Employer: Bournemouth University
Position Held: Principal Academic


Over the last two years it has been a privilege to serve the diverse community of EASM as a Board Member and, most recently, lead on advancements as a Chair of the Scientific Committee, including responsibility for the scientific programme of our upcoming conference in Bern. As a rounded academic and ex-industry professional with a strong sport and international biography, I feel at home in our community ranging from – for the most – excellent and ambitious researchers and inspiring lecturers to young people seeking a future career path in the sport sector. Our work stretches over a great diversity of higher education systems and institutions, and all of us are involved with the sport sector through many value-adding activities.


My own career is built on the professionalism and accountability gained from working in corporate marketing and communications (e.g. Siemens, and the world’s largest public broadcaster, ARD) and as director of a management consulting firm in Germany, the USA and New Zealand.


I believe in transparency, inclusivity and good governance as modern organisational necessities and competitive drivers.

I hold a PhD in Marketing from Otago University and a M.A. Social Sciences from University of Goettingen. Currently, I am Principal Academic and a Global Engagement Lead at Bournemouth University. Also, I am a Visiting Professor at University of Cologne. I actively engage with changes in the international higher education landscape, e.g. as Higher Education Reform Expert for the German Academic Exchange Service/Ministry of Education and Research. I have an active research agenda and publish regularly; have been invited to speak in twelve different countries; co-organise industry conferences; and, most recently, have provided consultancy and research for e.g. UEFA, DFB and non-for-profit sports organisations.


Since joining the EASM community in 2012, my ambition has been to produce quality and substance, e.g. by co-organising special workshops on CSR for the fifth year running and thereby actively supporting the development of a dedicated global research community – which has also led to coguest editing three journal special issues since 2015, including the 2019 ESMQ special issue. I have met many outstanding colleagues during this time and there is no doubt that our community offers a great resource to advance sport-related research, education and policy. It is this bright future I believe in and we shall succeed if everyone feels to have a stake in this process which I aspire to lead.


EASM Treasurer candiate:


  1. C. Germelmann
Current Employer: University of Bayreuth
Position Held: Tenured Full University Professor and Chair of Marketing, Vice-Director of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School, and Director of the Bayreuth Graduate Centre for Law, Ethics, Business Management and Economics.

Professor Germelmann is tenured full university professor and Chair of Marketing at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, Vice-Director of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School, and Director of the Bayreuth Graduate Centre for Law, Ethics, Business Management and Economics. Since 2015, he had the opportunity to serve EASM as treasurer. He further has been actively involved in the EASM scientific committee, and he is the EASM board liaison for the 2017 EASM conference in Bern.


With his research rooted in consumer behaviour and strategic marketing communication, he is interested in contexts of consumer behaviour. For instance, he explores the interplay of sport consumers, sport events, and sport servicescapes in the co-creation of value in spectator sports. He consults Basketball teams on marketing and branding, and works as a strategic marketing advisor for sport sponsors.


He publishes regularly in Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, and Sport Management journals (e.g., Journal of Consumer Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research, ESMQ, and International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship). His paper on the feeling of social connectedness (co-authored with Maximilian Stieler) received the Award for Best Conference Paper of the 2015 Academy of Marketing Science Conference. In 2017, he received the Lamb-Hair-McDaniel Outstanding Marketing Teacher Award. In 2016 and 2017, he was awarded the Journal of Consumer Marketing Award for Excellence as Outstanding Reviewer.


He serves on the editorial review board of the Journal of Business Research and the Journal of Consumer Marketing. He is member of the editorial board of Marketing ZFP – Journal of Research and Management, and he serves as editor-in-chief of the Germany-based advertising research journal “transfer – Werbeforschung und Praxis”. He has been program chair of the 2016 Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, and he has worked as Track Chair and on the scientific board of several conferences, including EASM, AMS, and WMC.


EASM Secretary General candidate:

  1. S. Walzel
Current Employer: German Sport University Cologne
Position Held: Senior Lecturer Sport Management

Personally, I have being actively involved in the EASM activities for almost ten years. As a student I attended the EASM student seminar 2005 in Newcastle and was absolutely overwhelmed by international spirit and the cross-national relationships I built. Since 2008 I have being involved in EASM as a tutor in the EASM student seminar and this has being been always a great pleasure to guide and supervise young, smart, and intelligent sports manager who are the future of the sports management community in Europe. At the general assembly in 2012 I was elected as one of the two auditors to check the financials of EASM. I did this voluntary service to EASM until 2015 when I was elected as EASM board member. In the last two years I was responsible for international partnerships and relationships and built up a partnership with SportBusiness International and represent EASM in two successful ERASMUS+ projects bid for research grants about good governance in European sport organisations. I would like to us my competences, knowledge, experience, and skills to further develop EASM as the organisation for Sports Management in Europe, a platform of exchange for academia and for people from the industry.


EASM Board members candidates:


  1. C. Anagnostopoulos
Current Employer: Molde University College & UCLan Cyprus
Position Held: Associate Professor in Sport Management

Dear EASM Board members and sport management colleagues from across the globe:


My name is Christos Anagnostopoulos and I am a Greek citizen, now living in Cyprus with my family. I currently hold two academic positions; I am an Associate Professor in Sport Management (0.5) at Molde University College (Norway), and an Assistant Professor in Sports Business Management (0.5) at the Cypriot campus of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan, UK).Â


It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I submit my application to serve on the Board of the European Association for Sport Management.


I respectfully ask the General Assembly to support my candidacy by taking into account the experience, qualities and facts that I epigrammatically outline below:



  1. Eleven (11) papers delivered in the last seven (7) EASM conferences (consecutive presences);
  2. (co-)Responsible for three (3) EASM workshops: two (2) on CSR (Istanbul/Coventry) and one (1) on Governance (Madrid);
  3. Proud winner of the 2013 EASM 2013 New Researcher Award;
  4. 1st Co-Chair of the Local Organizing Committee for the 2013 EASM conference (Coventry);
  5. Local coordinator for the inaugural EASM PhD seminar (Coventry);
  6. EASM abstract reviewer since 2010;
  7. European Sport Management Quarterly Board Member since January 2017.


I would be happy to discuss in more detail my motivation to join the EASM Board during the conference; you will see me around, probably with a cup of coffee at hand.Â


  1. B. Benito
Current Employer: Federació Catalana d’Esports d’Hivern (FCEH)
Position Held: Ice-skating instructor


  1. G. Bodet
Current Employer: University of Lyon 1
Position Held: Full Professor

I obtained a PhD in marketing from the University of Burgundy (France) in 2005, and after 8 years spent at the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University (UK), I joined, in 2014, the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences (UFR STAPS) at the University of Lyon (France) as a Professor of Sport Marketing and Management. I co-direct there the Master (Year 2) in Sport Management, and lead of the school’s research committee. I am a member of the Laboratory on Vulnerabilities and Innovation in Sport and the CRIS research federal structure. I have been attending and presenting at EASM conferences and a member of the community since 2007. I have also been a regular contributor to ESMQ as an author, a reviewer and a member of the editorial board, and I am currently associate editor of the journal. I also seat on the editorial board of Sport Management Review and Sport Marketing Quarterly. I have published many outputs in the sport management field and I have been invited to share my expertise in various international programmes, conferences, and forums.


In parallel with my academic background and professional experiences, I have been playing, coaching and volunteering in my successive handball clubs for about 30 years. When I am not injured I still play handball at a low-regional level and currently seat on the executive board of my club, the Villeurbanne Handball Association. I am also a board member of Sporaltec, the Sports Innovation cluster from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


Through this application I would like to pursue my involvement and contribution to the development of the European sport management community, as well as developing further links with the French sport management community.


  1. D. Chatziefstathiou
Current Employer: Canterbury Christ Church University
Position Held: Reader

Since 2005 I have attended almost every EASM conference, which is a focal point for presenting my work and developing my research networks.  Last year I had the honour to be Keynote Speaker at the EASM 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.


I am full-time member of staff at the School of Human and Life Sciences of Canterbury Christ Church University, UK (since 2005) and teach at BSc. in Sports Science, BSc. Sport and Leisure Management, BSc. in Events Management and MRes in Sports Science. I have been visiting professor to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes around the world: Sport University of Cologne; Ball State University, USA; University of Montpellier, France; Nanyang University, Singapore; Texas A&M, USA. I have also taught in international programmes such as Olympic academies (e.g. Singapore Olympic Academy, 2012; International Olympic Academy, 2011); Elite Athletes Education Program (Abu Dhabi Sports Council, 2015); Graduate Excellence Programmes (e.g. Baku 1st European Games, Azerbaijan), and Study Abroad programmes (e.g. Syracuse University).


My key focus is to produce theoretically informed research that bridges the gap between research, practice and policy. The quality of my work has been recognised with international awards such as the Marie Curie Excellence Fellowship by the European Commission (2013/ 2015); the Pierre de Coubertin Award by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (2009); the Scientist of the Year in Sport Management Award by the Greek Association of Sport Management (2013); the International Olympic Committee Postgraduate Grant (2009) and others.


I managed budgets, produced reports for the IOC and European Commission and led teams of Research Assistants (RAs), while I initiated research collaborations with institutions (e.g. Loughborough University, UK; University of Florida, USA; University of Patras, Greece and many others).


I initiate and lead engagement with business, public and voluntary organisations through knowledge exchange activities such as consultancy and specialist training. Some activities include: Elite Athletes Education Program with Abu Dhabi Sports Council, 2015; Surrey Canoe Club, UK; Hibou Alliance Sports Consultancy Company.


  1. D. De Haan
Current Employer: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Position Held: Lecturer/ researcher

I have been attending EASM since the 2009 Amsterdam conference – where incidentally I made contacts with AUAS for the first time. I have attended regularly since, only missing conferences due to being too pregnant to fly or on maternity leave! I also have experience attending NASSM, SMAANZ and WASM.


I’m an early career researcher with years of experience on the front line of teaching. I have great communication and interpersonal skills, I’m not afraid to roll my sleeves up and get the job done, I will contribute in any situation and I’m likely to be the first on the dance floor. I’m passionate about knowledge and learning and the integration of applied research into education. I’ve had the pleasure of attending many EASM conferences and I’m now at a point in my career where I feel can contribute to the future of EASM.


  1. J. Nová
Current Employer: Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Sport Studies
Position Held: Senior Lecturer; Chief of Administration

I have been a member of EASM since 2014 and since then I have actively attended EASM conferences as well as WASM as well as SMAANZ conferences. This allowed me to establish mutually beneficial contacts with my colleagues from the field internationally and to invite many of them to participate in the international projects I have proposed and run in the field of Sport Management. I have extensive administrative, managerial and international experience via different senior management posts at the university and in the non- governmental sector and I would like to use them effectively in the highly organized EASM environment. Alongside this, I have developed my academic career as a senior lecturer. Working at different senior management positions at the university and faculty level in Slovakia and also Czech Republic, I have been and I am involved in organisational development and strategic planning and implementation processes. This requires the application of a truly innovative approach. Inevitable parts of my duties were /are guiding, coordinating and supporting staff in order to achieve performance targets and financial stability. Moreover, my professional experience and research interests are also in tune with the strategic management, HRM and entrepreneurship issues.

For five years I held a position of External Examiner for the Joint MSc Degree in European Business and Finance validated by Nottingham Trent University, UK. I am, and have successfully run 20 national and international projects (see Appendix 1). I am self – motivate, enthusiastic, able work independently and as a part of team. I understand inter- cultural differences and I am able to take responsibility and to work accurately and methodically. Considering my professional experience I can state that I will be able contribute to the work of EASM.


  1. N. Peshin
Current Employer: Russian International Olympic University
Position Held: Vice-Rector for Research

Research interests: sports law, labour law (including tread unions relations and collective labour agreements), the economic basis of state power and local government; sports management regulation. Participated in the development of a number of federal laws , statutes and regional laws of the Russian Federation.


Headed project implementation units (PIU) on a big number of municipal legal acts.

Participated in researches, under requests of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (Russian Parliament), Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation , Moscow City Government and other public bodies. More than 100 scientific publications, including 12 monographs and textbooks.


  1. I. Valantine
Current Employer: Lithuanian Sports University
Position Held: Professor